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Detroit Priest Takes Social Distancing to New Lengths With Holy Water Squirt Gun

The only way to be blessed during the pandemic.

We’ve all seen how an innumerable number of people have adapted to a ‘new normal’ in these crazy times. However, Father Tim Pelc has adapted his services in a uniquely, brilliant (and hilarious) way.

His church in Michigan fully embraced social distancing in April in order to deliver a Holy Week service. The pictures have since gone viral on the internet.

Father Pelc’s congregation were able to remain safely in their cars while he blessed them with Holy Water. However, he was also able to remain at a safe distance himself. How, you ask? He blessed them by squirting the Holy Water through a water pistol.

This innovative solution was thought up by Pelc, 70, in order to allow parishioners to still observe some Easter traditions. Michigan has been badly affected by the coronavirus with over 50,000 cases throughout the state.

The priest -who confesses to being a bit ‘wacky’- has also undertaken some more “traditional” Covid-19 protocols. He has streamed services online and posted pre-recorded sermons. Due to the popularity of his water pistol antics, these services have attracted huge audiences and the Parish plans to continue streaming online even after restrictions are eased. 

Pelc told Buzzfeed News why he decided to opt for the unconventional method of dispensing Holy Water:

The original idea was to do something for the kids of the parish. They were about ready to have an Easter unlike any of their past, so I thought, what can we still do that would observe all the protocols of social distancing?

He even went to the lengths of getting the drive through medically cleared by one of his friends who works in a Michigan emergency room.

The images have spread all over the internet, to Pelc’s amazement, and have inspired a plethora of memes. The priest has become the star of countless movie poster rip-offs.

Whilst the novelty factor is one obvious reason for everyone’s love of the images. Pelc also believes that the sense of hopefulness that the images offer have inspired their spread. Though he also noted he was slightly nervous after he realised that the images had been seen in the Vatican.

The hope that the pictures embody is clear. And boy, we need it. The church has also been paying tribute to the victims of Michigan’s outbreak in a touching way. They have tied blue ribbons to the trees surrounding the church to honour their memories.

Now you’ve got your religious fix, check out this equally innovative, but slightly less holy drive-through.

Featured Image Credit – St. Ambrose’s Parish, Facebook.

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