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Beirut Explosion: New Footage Shot by Jet Skier

New footage of the Beirut Explosion has surfaced from an unexpected source: a jet skier

Visual aid to the destruction of the Beirut explosion.
Smoke is seen rising from Lebanon's capital moments after the blast. Image via Wikipedia

With the horrific explosion in Beirut has come surprising new video from a jet skier in the nearby port. 

On the 4th of August, an explosion originating at the Beirut port in Lebanon sent shock waves through the capital. Now, new footage has surfaced from an unexpected source: a jet skier. With this new perspective, let’s talk about the impact of the Beirut Blast, and what it means for Lebanon’s future.

Beirut from the Water, not the Sky

Not only do we see the jet ski in the foreground of the video, but also text overlaid: “MASSIVE explosion in Beirut”. Then, the jet skier ducks underneath the water to avoid any injury from the shock wave. The person shooting the clip was able to escape from any further effects of the blast on his jet ski. However, those within the capital suffered detrimental damage. 

Cause of the Beirut Explosion

There is little clear explanation available for what exactly occurred on Tuesday. However, before we discuss the condition of the people in Beirut, let’s understand how it was even able to occur.

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The aftermath of this accident seen throughout the Beirut port. Image: Wikimedia Commons

In 2013, a Russian cargo ship carrying 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate stopped at Beirut to pick up more product. Bound for Mozambique, there was reportedly dispute over legal shipping and port fees. As a result, the ship’s unstable contents were impounded in a hangar at the port.

In addition to the thousands of tons of explosive chemicals, the very same hangar contained 30 bags of fireworks. In spite of the danger, highly explosive chemicals remained unsafely close to homes, and businesses for six years. The customs director of the Beirut port claims he raised concerns over the past years. However, the Lebanese army was on record for saying they had no other place to store these dangerous contents.

International Aid

Besides the obvious danger, this event still tragically occurred. Over 150 people have died, with thousands more injured. Many are saying this is the direct result of the Lebanese government’s negligence, and are calling for new leadership.

Furthermore, the economic ramifications of this blast are almost on par with the physical and emotional. 70% of Lebanon’s economy will be negatively impacted after Tuesday’s events, and 300,000 people are now homeless in the capital.

However, hope is not lost. In light of the civil unrest in Lebanon, nations across the globe have pledged humanitarian aid. To say nothing of the medical workers flying in from across the globe, the UN has pledged £17 million.

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Tel Aviv City Hall lit up with the Lebanese flag Image: Wikimedia Commons

Of course, not just governments can provide relief: you can too! You can go to the Lebanon Red Cross to donate, and help those injured by this tragedy.

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