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Now You Can Work While Sitting, Standing or Laying Down With This New Chair

Workplaces are going to change forever.

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Ever wished you wouldn’t have to get out of bed on a Monday morning only to go to work? Well, now you no longer have to. 

A technologically advanced company named “AltWork” has come up with the idea of an adjustable office “chair”, that can be adjusted into any position the employees might want it to be, from a standing office desk to a compeletly horizontal, bed-like office chair. 

While the idea of working while laying down might be interesting at first, however it does bring up questions such as Would the idea still be appealing to the users of the technology, after a while? Is the idea of this chair interesting only because it is new and never heard before?

“Full Range of Motion” By Altwork, on Youtube

Imagine waking up in the morning, getting up from your bed, only to go to a workplace where you can lay down for another 8 hours. Even tho the idea of working while laying down might be appealing for certain jobs, such as those with shorter hours, however for most office settings, where the employees are seated for over 8 hours, it might seem a bit excessive and unreasonable.

How is this going to affect workplace culture?

There’s also the problem of discipline. If the employees have the option of laying down, will any of them ever choose to sit down, and be less comfortable?

How is this going to effect the communication among the coworkers? if everyone is going to be laying down, will the main method of communication be through texting or calling? If they are laying down, this is going to seriously limit and evolve workplace communication culture, overall. 

There’s a reason most of the workplaces are to be attended in person, instead of being remote positions where the employees can work from the comfort of their homes. Being at a workplace that maintains a certain level of professionality not only pushes the workers to work their hardest. If one of the coworkers needs something, they can simply turn to one another and ask the question. There’s a reason for thousands of years people have been sitting relativly close to each other and working.

Is It Affordable?

Altwork’s designs start from $7,650. That’s right, $7,650. So, for a small, 5 person office, the employer would have to pay over $38,000 just for the sitting arrangement. This isn’t quite cost effective even for a small to midsized office, therefore making it an almost impossible option for your average American office.

checkout how Greta Thunburg has been inspiring these office employees, through her activism and social media presence. 

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