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Top 3 Affordable and Sustainable Spa Retreats in the UK


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Are you looking for a girl’s weekend, a romantic getaway, or a solo relaxation trip to take a step back and let your body and mind relax? One of these eco-friendly hotels and spas should be on your list. These top 3 sustainable spas could make your trip even more special.

The cost of living is rising, and luxury lifestyles are becoming more difficult to afford. Nothing comes “cheap” anymore, and as a member of Gen Z, I am looking for the best and most affordable trips away.

What is There to Know?

For the world population to catch onto this new trend, research was needed to find public opinion. A survey by the independent market research agency YouGov on behalf of Deloitte, found that a sustainable lifestyle is based on affordability.

Businesses are trying to change to a more sustainable trade, but it does not come quickly. If people are not aware of these changes, society is forced to choose the cheaper options.

Most companies thrive on income and profit to succeed. According to TravelPerk, 75% of business leaders said their organizations have already increased their investments in a sustainable future in the past year. However, only 3% decreased their investments in a greener future with concerns of an economic downturn.

Despite the growing awareness of the topic, there is much confusion about what climate change and sustainability have in common. According to 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly brands.

If you are in the UK, these are great if you don’t want to have to splash the cash the entire trip. You can still have that holiday feel without your bank account feeling drained.

3. The Glass House Essex

The Glass House offers an ideal retreat if you and your partner are looking to take a break from busy lives. Looking after you is what the retreat is all about. In rural London, you can have the chance to nourish your body with their plant-based diet and high-quality facilities. Give yourself a chance to reset your heart and mind taking away the distractions from daily life.

Out for offer are modern rooms to ensure a deep sleep, and waking up energized is important at this retreat. They encourage you to take in the views with a fresh cup of herbal tea in your room. If you are looking for luxury, this spa retreat will leave you feeling new. Natural light, modern design, and high-quality care are what you receive when visiting the glass house.

Feeling burnt out and overworked? The mindfulness classes offer a chance to put your mind at ease or restore your energy with their cryo chamber sessions.

When visiting the retreat, you are welcome to do as much as you please. Treatments range from £50 to £100 plus, but there is no pressure if you don’t fancy having any. The use of their other facilities is also available.

Facials and massages are available at the same prices as those offered by regular high-street salons, so there are no major differences if you are wondering about expenses.

Whatever strikes your fancy, the Glass House Essex has everything for the ideal trip.

2. Green Farm Kent

This beautiful rural retreat is home to their charity, The Pearce Coggan Foundation. The surrounding outbuildings and land have been nurtured to adapt to the beautiful wildlife around them. The Green Farm offers a diverse experience for customers while also being eco-friendly and luxurious. What more could you ask for?

With the great outdoors on your doorstep, this is a great space to take a step back and breathe. It is also a great place to start if you are new to the “sustainable” lifestyle.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, nature can generate many positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, and creativity.

The prices of the treatments can range from an ESPA personalized body massage, file and polish, and tinting. These treatments can range from £8 depending on what you wish to have done.

And their signature treatments sit at the higher end of prices from £70 plus if you are looking to treat someone special.

This is an all-rounder and should be on your bucket list to visit for a spa weekend treat with your girls or partner. Gift cards are also up for offer if you are buying for a loved one or friends.

1. Silver Lake Dorset

Silver Lake is a spa that provides natural well-being and is inspired by the nature around them.

This is a great location if you want to chill with your girls by the pool and have a catchup. A bespoke range of treatments is available if whoever you are visiting wants to take this trip to another level.

Because Dorset is renewed for its timeless allure, it has always been a popular holiday destination. With the breathtaking Jurassic Coast and the local seaside towns, there is much to see if you visit.

There is a selection of activities, whether you are up for mountain biking, zip-wiring, or enjoying the waterways on a kayak for those fun, high-adrenaline activities.

This spa provides romantic getaway trips or birthday weekends with all it has to offer. GAIA packages, which differ from £90 to £200, are recommended to visitors. Each one has a variety of treatments described on their website.

Postnatal treatments are available for mums who just want a moment to relax after all the stress. They also offer teen treatments if you have younger ones who want to join in on the luxury.

This is my number one best recommendation for anyone who is reading while looking for the best place to visit, ticking all the sustainable boxes and offering fun experiences.

Girls’ Trip, Romantic Getaway, or Solo

A spa is an ideal choice for a girls’ trip because it provides a perfect blend of relaxation, luxury, and quality time with friends. Take a step back from the crazy nightlife and immerse yourself in a calmer atmosphere while being happy with your girls.

Take the time to admire the tranquil experience and get away from your busy lifestyle.

Thinking about going solo? Why not? There is no pressure to attend with others. Self-care is important physically and mentally and if you aren’t looking after yourself it’s harder to look after others. A spa trip is open to everyone, which is what makes it so inviting.

Technology is taking over our current generation, and I have even found myself subjected to this as a member of Gen Z.

Because of Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram, society sees this as their way to relax without seeing the main issues of staring at a screen for hours.

I understand sitting on your phone is “cheaper” and less “effort,” yet a trip to the spa helps reconnect your mind and soul and appreciate what we have around us. Nature is a natural healer for the heart and the mind.

So, How to Go Green?

Just because these top 3 eco-friendly spas are making the change to be more sustainable, it does not mean that individual routines can’t change either.

Beauty products are becoming more sustainable and more affordable. Companies are offering more choices to their consumers without stretching their budgets.

If you are looking to make your lifestyle more sustainable, following one or more of these steps daily can help you achieve that goal.

According to Professional Beauty, Green Spa Partners are Making Changes by Implementing the Following:

  1. Refillable Toiletries – 95% of green spa parties have embraced this.
  2. Towel Wash Policies – Encouraging guests to refuse towels to minimize water and energy waste.
  3. Local Sourcing – 95% of partners locally source food to reduce their carbon footprint.
  4. Plastic Reduction – 90% have removed plastic cups and straws, aligning with the global movement.
  5. Energy-Efficient Lighting – Conventional light bulbs with low-energy alternatives.
  6. Dual Flush Toilets – 80% installed dual flush for their commitment to water conservation.

So, these three are only a few of the best retreats in the UK that are promoting a sustainable and relaxing holiday.

Sustainability is a commitment to a deeper sense of fulfillment and responsibility, which benefits individuals and the world around them.

Because more influencers online are promoting this lifestyle, more people follow a sustainable path every day. Gen Z is one of the biggest protesters to keep this earth green, and Greta Thunberg is leading the way.

If you are in the UK or traveling, these would be added to my list. They give an insight into UK nature and how eco-friendly can also be trendy.

So pack those travel bags, throw in that swimsuit, and take your pick of one of these top 3 spas for your weekend away in the UK full of sustainable relaxation and fun!

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