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Take A Tour Of Nicholas Cages’ San Francisco Mansion

The Declaration of Independence is hidden somewhere inside…

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Can you imagine living in the same San Francisco mansion that the man, the myth, the legend, Nicolas Cage, once called home? Well, imagine no more, because the legendary residence once owned by the award-winning star of films like Con Air, Face/Off, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Ghost Rider, can be all yours as it is back on the market for a very reasonable price!

Built in 1898, Cage’s extravagant grand Victorian 5 bedroom 7 bathroom, nearly 7,000 sq. ft. mansion is currently listed on the market at 12 million. Cage is one of the many famous owners of the Franklin house, and added some personal Cage-eque touches including dragon stained glass windows in the front living room.

Check out the photos below and the open house walk-through video:

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If you want more overly extravagant, impossibly attainable mansions, check out this 75 million dollar Lake Tahoe house.

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