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You Can Support The USPS By Buying These Gifts

The USPS is on the brink or crisis and you can help by buying gifts from its store.

Support The USPS By Buying Gifts
Credit: USPS

Why not treat yourself or your children to a gift and help out an important postal service at the same time? The USPS has been struggling financially and cannot count on a bailout from the government but perhaps you can help out!

What’s Going On?

The USPS lost $69 billion over the past 11 fiscal years, including $9 billion in 2019. Now with the pandemic, the US postal service is on the brink of a crisis, which could not have come at a worse time. In less than three months the presidential election of the United States is set to place and due to the pandemic, millions of Americans are expected to vote by mail. This could potentially threaten the democratic process. Read more about this here.

On August the 14th, President Trump stated he opposes an emergency bailout for the US postal service. He has said that he wants to prevent the Democrats from expanding mail-balloting as he thinks it would cause widespread fraud, though there is no evidence to believe this is true. If the President isn’t going to help, what can we do to help the USPS?

Buy Gifts!

Apart from protesting or contacting your congressional representatives, a more quick and easy way to support the service is by buying gifts from the online USPS store. As one would expect from a postal service you can buy stamps, cards and envelopes, shipping supplies, collector’s items and there is also a gift section. To help you out, I’ll list 5 of the best gifts below.

Bugs Bunny Forever Stamps 

Credit: USPS

If you are a stamp collector and fan of Bugs Bunny, you can’t miss this new collector set. To celebrate bugs bunny’s 80th birthday, USPS is selling Bugs Bunny stamps. For $11 you can buy a sheet of 20 or for $49.95 you can get the stamps framed.

U.S. Mail Carrier Kids Costumes

Support The USPS By Buying Gifts
Credit: USPS

If your kids love to play pretend or want them to be ready for Halloween and show your support for the USPS to the world, this is the perfect gift to get. The costume includes the shirt with the logo, pants, hat and mailbox and is meant for toddlers and kids. The entire costume sells for $24.95 and you can buy a matching one for your dog as well for $17.99.

The Art of Magic Kit

Support The USPS By Buying Gifts
Credit: USPS

This magic kit, which sells for $34.95 was inspired by The Art of Magic Foreve® stamps and all tricks within the kit correspond to one of the categories featured on the stamps, which are production, prediction, levitation, vanishing and transformation. Learning magic tricks while social distancing at home will teach you the best party trick for when we can come together again.

100th Anniversary Air Mail T-Shirt

Support The USPS By Buying Gifts
Credit: USPS

This special t-shirt was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Air Mail and is a great way to show off your pride for the USPS. You get to wear a unique print of Will Bill below the 100th Anniversary Air Mail logo for $17.95. 

Dragons Pop-Up Book

Which child does not get excited by dragons? In this 24-page pop-up book, children will be immersed in a magical adventure in a world with dragons. The story follows a girl who befriends four different dragons and the book includes six scale-raising pop-ups for $39.95.

How Else Can I Support The USPS?

Mashable has written a full guide on how else you can support the USPS and why it matters which can be read here.

If you are looking for creative gift ideas for your clients instead, have a look at this article.

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