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Samurai-Style Motorbike Selling for $75,000

The bike is costly – but sure is unique!

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Death Machines of London, a bespoke motorcycle workshop, have created a new motorcycle. Heads up, though – it does cost $75,000.

Death Machines of London are known for their unique and original motorcycles, but their newest might be their biggest feat yet.

Their most recent custom motorbike – named the Kenzo, after the first Asian participant in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle race, Kenzo Tada – takes its inspiration from a variety of places.

Learn all about the Kenzo bike and its origins in this video.

First, the motorbike is based from the 1977 Honda Gold Wing GL1000. The bike has been designed to look the armour worn by samurai warriors. In particular, the motorbike is meant to resemble the armour worn by general Honda Tadakatsu, whom legend suggests single-handedly defeated fifty enemies in 1570.

“Most Radical Machine to Date.”

Death Machines of London

To create this look, Death Machines of London blended both traditional methods and 3D printing. Through this, they were able to achieve the overlapping skeletal stand-out piece of the motorbike. The construction of this piece was key, as within it is housed the rejuvenated 1000cc flat four engine.

Also included in the motorbike to make is appear like samurai armour are handlebar grips in similar shapes to samurai swords; a speedo box moulded from a japenese jewellery box; and a speedometer decorated with a dragon.

Kenzo is a one-off custom job, so if this sounds like something that interests you, keep your eyes peeled. The motorbike will be available soon, and will cost $75,000.

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