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Here Are the Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dorky Dads

Presents that your geeky father will treasure forever.

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @CannonsGlass

Trying to figure out what to get your dad for Father’s Day? I am in the same boat. Thankfully for me, my dad is a little bit dorky, and there are plenty of cool things out there for me to get him

Personally, I have thought about giving my dad something for the grill, some tools, or just a 30-pack of Bud Light (I know, really thoughtful). But after looking at some of the things on the internet, I don’t think it is possible for me to go that route. Here is a list of some of the nerdy items I came across:

Rick and Morty Mug

I don’t necessarily think of the television show Rick and Morty as “nerdy”, but the elements within the show definitely are. Time travel, parallel universes, and ray guns makes this animated series very appealing to all the dorks out there. Your dad might be one of those dorks, and this mug would definitely fit the bill as a great Father’s Day present.

Star Wars Otterbox Case

My dad loved Star Wars growing up. He isn’t a huge fan of the prequels, but he still loves the saga. I’m almost positive he would love an iPhone Otterbox case with Darth Vader on it for Father’s Day. Maybe your dad would too!

Yoda Glassware

Sticking with the topic of Star Wars, Yoda is a lot of people’s favorite. If your dad is one of those people, getting him this glass would for sure give him a smile (wine and beer glasses also available). 

Flash Skinny Tie

Who doesn’t love the Flash? Exactly: no one. So if you were to get your geeky dad a Flash skinny tie on a day dedicated to him, he may just start sprinting around the house from excitement. 

Captain America shield apron

Your dad not a DC Comics fan? That’s okay, Marvel has the perfect gift for him: a Captain America shield apron. I am no one’s father, but I would love this gift myself. What would be more American than grilling hamburgers with a the shield of good ol’ Cap across your chest? I can’t imagine a lot. 

If you aren’t a fan of any of these gift options, there are still plenty of things you can find: I’m not talking about Bud Light either. Regardless, I think the thing that matters most is that you show your father how much you appreciate him on Father’s Day.

In my opinion, the gift is less than the act of actually getting something for someone who helped bring you into this world. As cool as a Star Wars Otterbox case or Rick and Morty mug is, your gratitude is one of the better gifts you could give someone. 

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @CannonsGlass

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