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Businessman Buys World’s Most Expensive COVID-19 Mask For $1.5 Million

The world’s most expensive face-mask.

Credit: QT News/YouTube

Wearing a mask is a necessity to protect ourselves and those around us in the current state of the pandemic. For some, however, it is another opportunity to flaunt their fortune. 

A wealthy businessman requested Yvel, an Israeli jewelry brand, to design the most expensive mask in the world.

The price tag, you might ask? This luxury will cost 1.5 million dollars.

Once finished, this 18-karat custom-made face mask will consist of 3,600 white and black diamonds.

The owner of Yvel, Issac Levy, said the customer reached them earlier this year to figure if it was doable. The client from China also specified three conditions if he were to purchase it. 

In an interview with ABC News, Mr. Levy revealed the mask had to:

1) Meet the European and FDA standards as an approved N99 mask.
2) Be delivered the latest this year’s December 31st.
3) Be the costliest face mask ever designed.

According to Mr. Levy, the third requirement was the easiest. He does admit he would never wear it himself and that “we should all wear the same regular N95 mask”.

Surely the public can agree a half-pound face mask is not the most convenient equipment to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Nonetheless, the designer is grateful for the work this has provided for the company and its employees.

During uncertain times these are the type of orders that keep businesses afloat. Even so, this extravagant purchase might send the wrong message to millions of people unemployed or facing economic hardships.

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