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Aldi’s Hot Tub Is Back…But You Better Be Quick

Can you afford not to get one of these?

Credit: Aldi

Aldi, who are replication geniuses, are also very good at coming up with budget versions of products that are otherwise not really justifiable, and one of their most popular, the budget hot tub, is back.

Not only is it going back on the shelves, but it will be arriving just before Easter weekend. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your long weekend off, in the backyard, accompanied by -10C degree weather (why not?). But the popular supermarket know exactly how much we are all going to lose all sense of responsibility when the product is released so are allowing people to pre-order from March 25th.

Image: Aldi

The hot tub will cost you (gulp) £279.99 but will be a considerable size, with some cool features. The Spa Pool will be able to hold up to 795 liters, will sport 120 air jets, and will have a 220w heater as well. In addition to this, there will also be a lockable cover that will keep water warm and protect the pool.

Manager of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK, Julie Ashfield, has had this to say: “Last year, we saw unprecedented demand for our Spa Pool and are thrilled to be bringing more back for our customers to enjoy this spring.”

If you want one of these beauties, then the recommendation is to order online as soon as it becomes available. Failing that, you can attempt to get one in-store, however, it’s likely you’ll be wrestling to get your hands on the product. Aldi has announced there will 50% more stock this year so you might have a chance, but be quick!

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