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John Travolta And Tom Cruise Supposedly Hate Each Other Due To Their Scientology Ranking

Celebrity confrontation within the world of scientology.

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Nowadays, there are a lot of celebrities that identify as scientologists. However, John Travolta and Tom Cruise are definitely the most famous. Well now there seems to be some drama between the two of them.

Due to them being the two big names of scientology, you would think that they would be working together. But it has been brought to our attention that the two scientologists are not on the same level. In fact, according to Tom Cruises’ former bodyguard, Brendan Tighe (who was also a scientologist), the two of them really don’t get along at all.

Apparently, the confrontation stems from them both battling for the affections of the Chairman of the Religious Technology Centre, David Miscavige.

USA - Church of Scientology Building in Los Angeles

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This is what Brendan Tighe has to say:

It’s no secret that Cruise and Travolta despised each other. Travolta wasn’t invited to Cruise’s wedding with Katie Holmes, it told me everything.

I can assure you Travolta doesn’t recognise Cruise as a superior in any way. When Cruise got that medal (the Freedom Medal of Valor, the highest honour in the church), Travolta was so pissed off.

The closest person Miscavige had ever said that about before was Travolta, he was told by Miscavige that he was he most dedicated Scientologist and had introduced more members than anyone, so it was like getting his title stripped, he was jealous.

Cruise is the only celeb with a direct line to Miscavige. Travolta didn’t have that. Travolta doesn’t get anything free, no-one is giving him absurd gifts like an airplane hangar, custom-made bikes, or over-the-top favours.

He exploded with jealousy when Cruise was awarded the medal.

By the sounds of that, the two celebrities of Scientology really do despise each other. Maybe there is only room for one celebrity face of the organisation.

For more on Scientology, see Church Of Scientology Would Cover Up Murder For John Travolta.

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