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VIDEO: Is This The Perfect Ultra Modern Tiny House?

A tiny home with massive character.

Living In A Big Tiny House / YouTube
Summer & Jason are the proud owners of a home that brilliantly encapsulates the art of limited-space living.

Bryce Langston loves visiting those brave enough to scrap traditional homes and make something truly unique.

Apparently, we love seeing it, too. His YouTube channel, Living Big In A Tiny House, has amassed a huge following of over 3.85 million subscribers.

It’s clear to see why. There’s an escapist fantasy that we can entertain by seeing these modern mavericks reject traditional living arrangements – as well as the monumental costs that come with them. 

Small & Sustainable

One of the most attractive features of this particular home is its environmental awareness.

Check out Summer & Jason’s off-grid, sustainably powered home here.

Here’s an in-depth look at how this miniature marvel was created. Credit: Living Big In A Tiny House / YouTube

Whilst a project like this might seem daunting, there’s no need to take on the challenge alone. Summer explains that the couple tried to get the job done themselves:

“We did a three-day course in Wales on how to build a tiny house, and it was really fun. We enjoyed it, we learned some skills”.

Eventually, though, they needed some professional assistance.

“We decided in lockdown to get it designed by a builder. They did such a great job we thought maybe, well, they could build it as well. We got it built, and we’re so glad we did”.

So, if you’re sick of saving for your own home, or rent payments that are through the roof, then maybe a tiny house is for you. They’re much more environmentally responsible – and there’s no need to build the whole thing yourself, either.

If you’re looking to really switch things up from your humdrum home, Airbnb is now taking bookings for the Silence Of The Lambs horror house. Yikes.

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