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VIDEO: Inside $18.5 Million-Dollar Party House in Miami

Wow, this place is insane.

Image: Youtube/Architectural Digest

In the Venetian Islands of Miami, Florida, a $18.5 million-dollar party house just went on sale: 941 Venetian. The lavish amenities and space offered at the home are sure to make eyes pop out as the it boasts to be 9200 square feet with a giant attached lot, two indoor pools, and several other grand features.

The giant house is strapped with extravagant add-ons that will make anyone who can afford the house want to buy it in a flash. While the selling points of the home are definitely the mostly glass, metal, and stone external architecture, the floor plan is nothing to laugh at.

Video: Youtube/Architectural Digest

The spacious home includes 5 bedrooms and 8 baths as well as a generous car gallery that can fit at least four vehicles. It has several group areas both inside and outside the house such as lounges both upstairs and downstairs, multiple family rooms, a large kitchen with an open plan and plenty of seating as well as two terraces.

Image: Youtube/Architectural Digest

The rooftop terrace and the outdoor terrace show off the magnificent views that the location of 941 Venetian has to offer: Biscayne Bay and the downtown Miami skyline. One of the pools is in the outdoor terrace which is on top of a private island and additionally has 100 feet in the water, if you wanted to switch up where you were doing your swimming.

Another selling point of the home is the gorgeous atrium in the middle of it which divides the place into a substructure and a main structure, the latter of which is afforded more privacy. The atrium is fully enclosed in glass and features a beautiful reflective pond as well as plenty of nature such as a blooming yellow tab tree and a 22 feet high green wall.

The sellers of the 941 Venetian claim that it is a family home when it comes to its listing on the market. However, the house has many features that are more suitable for hosting and parties. The design elements of the home were designed by Thirlwall Designs with the aim of being shown off as the house has accents of expensive hand cut coral stone, limestone and European white oak flooring, high ceilings, and giant floor-to-ceiling retractable windows that let in plenty of natural light.

It also has unique features like a suspended plunge pool which the only one of two of its kind that can be found in Miami and gas for its appliances unlike the rest of Miami which normally runs on electric. Furthermore, it has a fully glass enclosed elevator to go between the two floors of the home and a spacious 16,000 square feet outdoor lot where there is plenty of space to have fun and entertain.

Image: Youtube/Architectural Digest

Lastly, the house features excellent security and privacy with high walls around the property, giant 19 feet steel doors at the entries, and more so that you can comfortably stay with your family or host your friends while always feeling safe and secure.

If you ever want to throw a party in style in Miami, 941 Venetian is the way to go when it comes to location.

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