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5 Simple Ways to Create a Zen Bedroom and Bring Positive Energy

Get ready to vibe check your bedroom and bring in a new age of Zen.

Right image displays crystals and herbs, left image displays a white bedroom with a hammock chair.
Credit: Ground Picture/ Shutterstock, FotoHelin/ Shutterstock

Your bedroom should be a peaceful and calm sanctuary full of positive energy. It should be a place where you can escape the world’s chaos and reconnect with yourself. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as our bedrooms can often become cluttered and filled with negative energy. 

However, with a few simple changes, you can transform your space into a spiritual oasis. In this post, I’ll show you five unique ways to boost the positive energy in your bedroom and feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.

Incense, crystals, Budda statue, candle, and other spiritual tools and symbol on windowsill to increase positive energy.
Incense, crystals, and other spiritual tools and symbols, Credit: FotoHelin/ Shutterstock

1. Clear the Clutter 

One of the first things you can do to boost the positive energy in your room is to clear out any clutter. Clutter can not only be visually distracting, but it also blocks the flow of energy and can create a negative vibe. 

I know this is the hard part, but it’s important to make a conscious effort to get rid of anything you don’t need or use. This way, you can keep your space as clean and organized as possible and boost the room’s energy.

Meditating woman sitting under sign that reads "to keep" and clutter under sign that reads "to throw away."
To keep or not to keep, that is the question, Credit: Aleutie/ Shutterstock

2. Incorporate Plants 

Plants are known for their ability to clean the air and bring positive energy into a room. Choose plants that are easy to care for, such as succulents or pothos plants.

Placing them in areas where they can receive plenty of light is essential to ensure they thrive. While they may take some work to take care of (I should know after my many failed attempts to keep houseplants), they are a vital aspect of improving the overall energy of any space. Not only will they improve the air quality and energy in your room, but they will also add a touch of nature to your space.

A wide variety of different plants on wooden shelves against a white wall.
Wall of plants, Credit: Bogdan Sonjachnyj/ Shutterstock

3. Use Essential Oils and Oil Diffusers 

Essential oils are a great way to bring positive energy into your room. I recommend using uplifting scents, such as lavender or eucalyptus, and diffusing them in your room using an essential oil diffuser. (I personally like adding a combination of both lavender and eucalyptus to my diffuser.)

However, it is important to note that different essential oils bring about different moods and energies. For example, lemon essential oil can help boost concentration and memory, while lavender can help you fall asleep. 

Essential oil diffusers are also a great alternative to candles. This is because many candles release chemicals into the air when burned. However, essential oils are natural oils that can improve the air quality in your room. Not only will the essential oil scents help to improve your mood, but they will also help to clean the air and create a more peaceful environment.

Essential oil bottle on wooden table with lemon and lavender in the background.
Essential oil bottle with lemon and lavender, Credit: Sarkar Nataliia/ Shutterstock

4. Add a Salt Lamp 

Salt lamps are known for their ability to improve the ambiance and energy in any space. Genuine salt lamps are made from rock salt from the Himalayan mountains. When lit, they emit a warm, calming light that can help to soothe the mind and create a peaceful atmosphere. 

These lamps are also believed to help purify the air by removing impurities and emitting negative ions. (This is not a bad thing, although it sounds adverse.) These negative ions are said to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and increase attentiveness. However, the exact scientific mechanism behind the benefits of salt lamps is still being studied. Still, they are widely used as an effective tool for creating a more calming and peaceful environment in the home. 

Himalayan salt lamp on wooden table.
Salt lamp, Credit: 5PH/ Shutterstock

5. Create Good Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that focuses on the arrangement of physical objects and spaces to promote positive energy flow. In the context of the bedroom, incorporating Feng Shui principles can help create a more harmonious and balanced environment. 

There are several key elements to consider when incorporating Feng Shui into your bedroom. Some of these include bed placement, color usage, and object arrangement for things such as mirrors and plants.

Modern style bedroom with Zen garden.
Zen bedroom, Credit: New Africa/ Shutterstock

In Conclusion…

Incorporating positive energy practices into your bedroom can help to create a space that feels calm, peaceful, and tranquil. 

Whether you are looking to improve your sleep, boost your mood, or simply create a more calming environment, these practices can help you to achieve your goals and live a better life. 

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Hello! I am an English and Entomology student at the University of Florida. I love roller skating, guitar, watercolor, beekeeping, video games, and good vibes!

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