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What Can Gen-Z Do to Improve Their Mental Wellbeing?

Knowledge of your subconscious mind’s power will improve your well-being and teach you to have a positive mindset.

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your daily life? Some days your routine feels more difficult than others. Perhaps you don’t feel as strong or capable at that moment. Comparing yourself to what you see on Instagram, TikTok, or even the strangers around you. Maybe you’re even fearful of the world you live in from hearing news stories filled with violence and tragedy. This is a vast and relatable feeling. However, a feeling that is strongly associated with Generation Z and the influences of their subconscious mind.

“Growing up in a hyper connected world can evoke intense feelings of isolation and lonliness in some youth. It can also fuel a steady drumbeat of negative news stories, a fear of missing out and shame in falling short of social media-worthy standard.”

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Generation Z is constantly consuming abundant amounts of random information. With that exposure comes mental challenges such as depression and anxiety.

“Gen Z faces chronic stress from many factors including school shootings, student debt, joblessness, and even politics.”

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Exposure to this information acts as a reminder that the world can be and is a cold place lacking moral goodness. Not to mention, intrusive beliefs of comparing ourselves to celebrities or social media influencers. This toxic influence overrides our subconscious mind, convincing us to believe that these negative perceptions are true. Joseph Murphy reminds us that it is not.

What is the subconscious?

“Your subconscious is your great darkroom. It’s the secret place where your outer life develops.”

Joseph Murphy, Ph.D., D.D.

In “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind”, Murphy describes our subconscious as neutral. What we think about ourselves will then manifest in our daily life. An awakening or rather recognizing the power within our minds is seeing our intended nature. As a result, trusting the creation and process of our bodies through challenging times.

Murphy encourages us to think of our minds as blueprints. We are in fact the architects of our own minds.

“Every thought entertained by your conscious mind and accepted as true is sent by your cortex to the other organs of the brain that support your subconscious mind, to be made into flesh to be brought forth into your world as a reality.”

Joseph Murphy Ph.D., D.D.

How can I improve my subconscious mind?

One of the most common techniques used by therapists is positive affirmations. What you tell yourself, is what you believe. In Murphy’s perspective, his knowledge justifies that manifestations are real. What we seek is what we will have. However, it is one thing to speak positive statements to yourself, but another to believe them. Making these positive statements habitual is also important. Certainly not to discredit goals, instead encouraging yourself daily that you can and will achieve them.


Suggested Positive Statements

  • I can do all things through the power of my subconscious mind.
  • I am strong and powerful.
  • I will achieve my goals today.
  • I choose love, life, and happiness.
  • I embody all I need within.

Although these are only a few ideas, the essential part is making them your own. Catering to your characteristics and goals. For example, going into a job interview by perhaps saying, “I’m not going to get the job” creates a tone of negative effect. No matter your beliefs on the topic, the doubt will self-sabotage your own efforts. Instead phrase it as, “I will do my best during the interview”.

Challenges or turmoil will still exist regardless. That is the reality of life. However, as humans we embody a significant amount of strengths to simply exist. Constantly growing, learning, and creating. The capabilities of our minds are hard to fathom. The subconscious heals us but can also be our demise.

Other suggestions for a positive subconscious

  • Limit news intake or follow up with encouraging readings.
  • Limit social media intake or unfollow the person/persons not bettering your outlook.
  • Journaling or planning daily goals and affirmations (try to do this in the morning to start your day positively).
  • Any kind of self-help book to your liking.
  • Reading material you enjoy.

Again, take what works for you and leave what does not. As Doctor Joseph Murphy expressed, our subconscious minds are neutral. It is up to you, what you decide to believe and tell it.

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