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This $25,000 Egg-Pod is the New Meditation Haven We All Need For These Dark Times

Accessing your higher state has never been so easy…and expensive!

OpenSeed has just released a new immersive meditation pod to fully immerse you into sensations of calm and serenity…that is, if you have a spare $25,000 lying around to invest in it. 

The sleek egg-shaped pod, weighing around 1,000lb (454 kilograms), is OpenSeed’s newest release to help individuals escape from the stress of the office or home environment in a fully immersive ‘womb-like’ experience to “quiet the mind and elevate performance”. 

Their whole purpose is to help you fully relax, engaging all your senses in a guided meditation. 

Each egg-pod is designed to help you escape from high-stress or high-traffic scenarios, and a quick getaway for some guided meditation to help you “access higher states of awareness” and refocus your energy.

The meditation pods have a justification for their quarter of a million price, because they are fully decked out with different types of guided meditation, relaxing sounds, light therapy and aromatherapy.

Some features include: 

  • Touch screen televisions for you to browse and select the various type of guided meditations or guided breathing exercises you prefer, along with other light and scent settings available. 
  • LED lights on the inside which are synchronized with the audio effects in place, allowing whoever is inside to be guided both visually and audibly in meditation. 
  • Each pod is also fitted with multiple essential oils to fit to what kind of meditation experience you prefer to welcome you with a subtle, calming scent as you enter. 

And if your pod is located in a very noisy environment, they also come fitted with three noise-cancelling headsets that can block out any additional external noises.

OpenSeed’s main goal for this pod was to be able to provide an experience which is completely detached from the real world and “uninterrupted by any visual distractions, an individual has a much greater potential to quiet the mind and restore calm, focus, clarity, and positive energy.”

And frankly, with all of its features, the price makes a fair amount of sense. I would love to take a sit in and enjoy what it can offer, but sadly, that day will have to wait for a while until I make up some savings or win the lottery sometime soon.

If you need some cheaper (free) alternative to finding calm and meditation, check out these new hobbies to boost your well-being from day to day. 

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