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Check out these products from The Body Shop before they’re gone!

The Body Shop filed for bankruptcy and products are discounted by up to 70% off. Grab these products before they’re gone!

A green logo for The Body Shop on the front of a store.
Credit: Shutterstock/Yau Ming Low

There was a period of time when it felt like The Body Shop was untouchable. The UK-based beauty and skincare brand once had shops in every mall and products featured in every influencer’s skincare routine; so what happened?

Late last year, private equity firm Aurelius Investment acquired The Body Shop. Only a couple of weeks later, they initiated corporate restructuring, essentially requiring them to completely reassess how the company operates to avoid collapse or forced liquidation.

Now, it seems like the once-legendary beauty shop is on its last legs. The USA, Canada, Germany and Denmark are just a few of the countries where they have filed for bankruptcy and closed a majority of stores.

Known for their ethically sourced, vegan products, The Body Shop has been a staple in the beauty industry for decades. With their future up in the air, fans are racing to shops before they close in order to stock up on their favourite products before they’re potentially gone forever. 

In countries where the shop has filed for bankruptcy, the store is discounting products by up to 70%. Now is the time to grab your Body Shop essentials before you never can again. 

If you’re struggling to figure out what you should stock up on, look no further! Continue reading for The Body Shop’s top ten best, most viral, and well-loved products to grab before they disappear.

10. Shea Body Butter

The Body Shop's Shea Body Butter tin.
Credit: The Body Shop

This Shea Body Butter is, arguably, The Body Shop’s most iconic product- and it’ll be one of it’s most-missed. Having gone viral on TikTok for its ultra-hydrating properties, this body butter’s main ingredients are rich shea cream and all-natural babassu oil. Fans say to use it generously all over your body after exfoliating for silky-smooth skin all day. 

Buy here.

9. Hemp Hand Protector

The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector.
Credit: The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s line of hemp products is one of its most popular, with the hemp hand protector collecting especially positive reviews. This heavy-duty moisturizer is made with hemp seed oil, also known as cannabis sativa oil. While most people may think of getting high when they hear the word cannabis, hemp oil is also a super moisturizing ingredient that can do wonders for dry skin!

Buy here.

8. Sheer Touch Lip & Cheek Tint

The Body Shop's sheer touch cheek and lip tint.
Credit: The Body Shop

The Sheer Touch lip and cheek tint gained popularity after actress Emma Watson revealed it’s her go-to product; she said she loves it so much she’ll buy it off of eBay when she can’t find it in-store! This subtle tint is perfect for days when you just want a little bit of colour without going too dramatic. Made with aloe vera, this tint doesn’t just look good, but feels great on your skin!

Buy here.

7. Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

The Body Shop's camomile makeup remover.
Credit: The Body Shop

This Camomile makeup remover is so popular that as soon as The Body Shop announced its bankruptcy in the US and Canada, dozens of social media posts started popping up of shoppers stocking up on as much of this product as they could find. They’ve got good taste- made with shea butter and chamomile extract, this makeup remover melts away any product on your skin and leaves you with a soft, moisturized glow.

Buy here.

6. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

The Body Shop's Tea Tree facewash.
Credit: The Body Shop

Tea Tree oil has been a staple in the skincare community for years now, hailed for its soothing, antibacterial effects. The pure oil can harshly affect the face, causing irritation and redness. However, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree face wash offers the perfect middle ground. This face wash is softer on the face while still being harsh on blemishes, with a guarantee of improved skin within 7 days!

Buy here.

5. White Musk Eau De Toilette

The Body Shop's white musk fragrance.
Credit: The Body Shop

The Body Shop has a large variety of scents and perfumes- full rose, orange blossom, magnolia- but by far, their most popular and iconic scent is the shop’s sweet, fresh, and floral White Musk. The fragrance is an original scent and is self-described as the “scent of a generation.” While the validity of that statement may be up for debate, it’s undeniable that this little bottle carries a powerful product.

Buy here.

4. Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream

The Body Shop's Vitamin E cream.
Credit: The Body Shop

Hailed for its sun-protection qualities, vitamin E is a super-beneficial ingredient for your skincare routine. Made with hyaluronic acid and a touch of raspberry seed oil, this moisturizer has been a Body Shop bestseller for years. Rub a touch of this cream on your face in the morning for a whole day of bright, soft skin. 

Buy here.

3. Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

The Body Shop's banana shampoo.
Credit: The Body Shop

Bananas might be a surprising ingredient when it comes to hair products, but the organic banana pureé used in this shampoo and conditioner is an all-natural softener that strengthens and nourishes your hair for strong, shiny locks. These are the best for someone with dry, frizzy hair!

Buy here and here.

2. Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

The Body Shop's charcoal face mask.
Credit: The Body Shop

Himalayan bamboo charcoal is an all-natural ingredient perfect for those who might have oily and blemished skin. This face mask, infused with a touch of tea tree oil, purifies and revitalizes your skin in 10-15 minutes. Use it once or twice a week for glowing, refreshed skin!

Buy here.

1. Strawberry Shower Gel

The Body Shop's strawberry shower gel.
Credit: The Body Shop

This strawberry shower gel is as good for your skin as it is yummy-scented, making for a relaxing experience for both your body and mind. Made from aloe vera and naturally sourced strawberry seed extract, this moisturizing shower gel is known for its delicious smell and suitability for every skin type. 

Buy here.

Now or Never!

With an unpredictable future, now is the time to grab any of these products in case The Body Shop closes all its stores, forever. Happy shopping!

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