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8 Of The Best Spring 2024 Beauty Trends

Skin streaming, peptides, bobs, and color: These are just some of the best skincare, hairstyle, and makeup spring beauty trends of 2024.

Two cartoon people are depicted completing a skincare routine
Credit: Trill Mag/John Creed

As Spring is a time known for rejuvenation, inspiration, and creativity, people are looking for fresh new bold looks to go along with this fun and colorful season. So here’s a rundown on some of the best beauty trends captivating the world this spring:

Skin Streaming

Skincare products in cart.
With 10-step skincare routines having been popular and an endless number of products advertised, many consumers end up with more precasts than they need or use, and it can be hurting their skin. Credit: Shutterstock/TanyaJoy

Skin streaming is not only great for your skin, but for your wallet too. This trend is all about paring back and removing clutter from your skincare routine. Skin streaming advocates keeping your routine to 3 or 4 effective products. Usually, a cleanser to clean your skin, a serum or treatment to address a specific skin concern, a moisturizer to hydrate, and sunscreen during the day to protect your skin. Skin streaming keeps you from overwhelming your skin with products, which can negatively react, leading to reduced effectiveness or irritation. If you are experiencing skin irritation, or just feel bombarded with skincare products, skin streaming is a good way to reset, and find the products that are actually working for you. 

Body Skincare

Woman applying body lotion.
As the weather warms and sleeves get shorter, people are turning their attention to the skin beyond their face. Credit: Shutterstock/

That’s right, it’s not just your face that needs some TLC! According to Allure Magazine, your face and neck account for only 3.5% to 2% of your total body surface area. This means you’re probably neglecting a lot of skin that could use the same attention as your face. While it might be tempting to use your facial skincare on your body, dermatologists advise against it as the skin on your body and face are different. Your facial skin is thinner and requires more gentle products while the tougher body skin often requires products that pack a little more punch. The good news is popular skincare ingredients like niacinamide, retinol, and collagen are starting to make their way into more and more body care products so you don’t need to waste an entire bottle of your favorite lotion or serum on your body. If want a body skincare routine to get your skin looking its best, but you’re lost, TikTok and Instagram have some great inspiration. 


serum dropper and drops.
Peptide serums are an increasingly popular anti-aging skincare product and 2024 is taking notice. Credit: Shutterstock/ New Africa

Speaking of popular skincare ingredients, have you heard of peptides? If you have, I bet you look amazing. If not, peptides are proteins that occur naturally in the body and help promote collagen production and elasticity. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, “is what keeps your skin from sagging, giving us that plump, youthful look,” Dr. Ohara Aivaz told Cedars Sinai. And as we age, we naturally lose collagen. So, peptides have become a popular skincare ingredient for helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and other signs of aging. The best part is that peptides are incredibly gentle and safe for sensitive skin; peptides don’t leave anyone behind.

Glossy Skin

girl with glowing skin smiling.
Glowing, luminous skin makes you look youthful, healthy, and radiant. It’s become a must for spring and summer. Credit: Shutterstock/Lyubov Levitskaya

Pat McGrath created “Glass Skin, ” skin that looks like plastic, for Maison Margiela’s Couture Show during Paris Fashion Week. And the world became obsessed! While her original look isn’t exactly an everyday look, more wearable versions are expected to be a major trend going into summer as, celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney told Byrdie, “A dewy finish feels fresh and vibrant come warmer temps.” So put the matte powder down and embrace the shine.

Blunt Cut Bob


This is what I ask for when I get my hair chopped for the perfect bob cut! 💕💇🏼‍♀️ #bobhaircut #shorthaircut #shorthair

♬ how i love being a woman – editdiaary

The bobs are back! This chin length, or slightly longer, cut is fresh, bold, and predicted to last throughout 2024. Not all bobs are the same though. Some popular variations are the micro bob, the box bob, the nineties bob, and the Italian bob. Additionally, you can add layers or bangs to really make it your own. Bobs are a classic cut that looks good on just about everyone. What better time to bust out the scissors and try something new and fresh than spring? 

Big 80’s Hair

Miley Cyrus Performing at the Grammys.
Miley Cyrus took inspiration from her Godmother, Dolly Parton, for her show-stopping hairstyle. Credit: YouTube/Watch MILEY CYRUS Perform “FLOWERS” at the 2024 GRAMMYs

We can all thank Miley Cyrus’ look at the Grammy’s for this one. This trend is all about the volume, embracing your natural style, and creating hair that’s fluffy and brushed out– think Blake Lively at the Super Bowl. Celebrity hairstylist Halley Brisker told Vogue that this trend may be an act of “rebellion against the more polished, clean and sanitized approach to wearable hair and make-up that has been a part of beauty culture for a while now.” So, if you’re a fan of the tousled bedhead look, well now’s your time to shine. 

Colorful Makeup

Woman with hot pink eyeshadow with a pink background
Neon colors, glitter, and drama are just some of the beauty trends making a comeback this season. Credit: Shutterstock/Victoria Fox

The spring trends are predicting color and lots of it. Blue, apricot, and peachy tones are popular this season and have been popping up everywhere, from the Met Gala to Milan Fashion Week. Along with sparkles, Allure is encouraging readers to “wear neon lipstick instead of your neutral pink,” and “to reach for the most dramatic mascara (or better yet, fake lashes).” But if neon looks aren’t for you, you can try adding colorful mascara or eyeliner. This is a subtle way to really make your eyes pop and try out a splash of color this spring. 

90’s Makeup

While ’90s makeup always seems to be popular, the decade is having a particularly strong comeback at the moment. Due to the recent Mob Wife makeup trend circulating on TikTok and Instagram, everyone is busting out the grays and browns. So, if you’re not ready to reach for the blues, pinks, and peaches, then don’t worry. The neutral and sultry tones of 90’s makeup are always a safe and stylish bet.

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Ella Shauman has recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. She loves to travel, write, and spend time with family and friends.

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