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I Tried Following A TikTok Skincare Regiment… Here’s How It Went

Ever wanted to explore a TikTok skincare routine? Here’s my experience.

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TikTok inspires many people, and it’s become one of the most used search engines. As a frequent TikTok user myself, I’m often inspired by a new trend or idea regularly. Recently I noticed my skin has been breaking out more than usual, so I decided to try a TikTok skincare regimen. 

First and foremost, it’s important to figure out what your skin type is, this way you can find the products and routine that is personalized to your skin.

As someone who has mostly oily skin, I am more prone to breakouts. I knew I needed to find a routine that would best suit me. 

I wanted a simple skincare routine to try that makes things a lot simpler in terms of time and efficiency.  As a college student, price and time matters to me. 

I came across creator Tanicha Rose who made a TikTok in which she recommended a 6-step skin care routine for oily skin. 

The Routine:

According to @Tanicha_Rose, the first step of the routine is The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid for hydration. The second step is niacinamide for controlling oil. The third step is Vitamin C for brightening skin. The fourth step is Paula’s Choice BHA for hyperpigmentation. The fifth step is to moisturize with Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream which strengthens the skin barrier, and the sixth and final step is to use sunscreen for prevention of sun damage. 

Most of these products were modified. While I had The Ordinary products, I used different brands for the rest. My goal was not to use the exact same products since many of them are pricey, but to instead use a close alternative to what I had.
Each day for the last two weeks I have followed a skincare routine similar to this one and was eager to see the results.

The first step starts with Peach Slices Acne Exfoliating Toner and the second step is the Ordinary hyaluronic acid. Step three is The Ordinary niacinamide, the fourth step is C.E.O 15% Vitamin C Sunday Riley Serum, and the fifth step is my usual moisturizer from the Elf Holy Hydration line which is the daily moisturizer.

I really like this moisturizer because it’s lightweight and hydrating, and never interferes with my makeup. A lot of people with oily skin think that moisturizing isn’t an important step, but it is! It helps control oil.

I didn’t use sunscreen like in this routine as I don’t tend to unless it’s particularly hot out. (I know a dermatologist would recommend otherwise.) When it comes to sunscreens I’ve had a hard time finding one that is lightweight and doesn’t make me breakout.

This routine doesn’t mention cleanser, so I used the Cerave hydrating cleanser and it has worked wonders.

Disclaimers about Skin:  

I also would like to take into account other factors that affect skin such as diet, hormones, and stress. 

I have been stressed more within college as I near finals and I am aware I could always eat better. 

I’m prone to hormonal acne, so I think taking factors such as these are so important.

The Experiement:

Beware that there can be many influencers who push certain products often by paid sponsorships on social media such as TikTok, it’s important to differentiate what skincare is trending vs. what works. This is not to say that a product can’t be trending and also good.. just do your research!

The first week of this routine was brutal as my skin was having some issues adjusting to the niacinamide, from what I have learned, sometimes niacinamide makes your skin worse before it gets better.

Before I started this routine my skin was breaking out quite a bit, I had hormonal acne and as I started this routine, more pimples kept appearing. I was concerned if I was just making my skin worse and questioned the routine, I was using but told myself to be patient.

The Results:

My skin has definitely improved. A lot of my breakouts disappeared, and I could tell my oil went down under my makeup. Since those were my biggest concerns, I’m really happy with the results I achieved. While it wasn’t the exact routine that she used, it made a difference. It shows that this skincare routine worked and it didn’t have to be expensive! In the future, I will continue to use this routine.

Final Takeaways:

If you find yourself struggling with your skin, consider creating a new skin care routine, whether from TikTok or not.

Trending skin care products don’t work for everyone and they can be quite pricey, ultimately you should buy skincare that best suits your skin type. This might be a case of trial and error, but the results are ultimately worth it.

If you find yourself struggling to find a routine that works, consider a dermatologist appointment. Remember many people struggle with their skin… even your most loved celebrities. 

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