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What is a Jelly Pedicure?

Or a Jelly Pedi, as some like to call it. We’ve seen all sorts of nail trends going viral on social media over the past few years: from glazed donut nails to the red polish theory. It’s time to add one more to the list: Jelly Pedicures.

Jelly Pedicure

TikTok has exploded with satisfying clips of people pressing their feet through a colorful slime-like substance. The more you move around, the frothier and more textured the mixture gets.

So what is a jelly pedi? And are there any benefits to it, or is it all simply style over substance?


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Turning Water Into Jelly Pedicure

The jelly pedicure works by adding brightly coloured powder, normally containing the thickener Polyethylene Glycol to a bowl of water. After a few minutes of swirling your feet around, the mixture will gradually go thicker, until it eventually reaches the consistency of jelly.

But how do you dispose of it after you’re done? Surely all that jelly would clog drains, I hear you cry. And if you put it in the bin it’ll just turn into a wet and messy blob.


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The good news is the creators of jelly pedi products have thought of that. All you need to do is add another powder into the bowl and it’ll turn back to liquid form. Easily disposed of.

All you have to do is resist the temptation to eat it! One commenter on the video above aptly named it the “forbidden slushie” and it certainly looks too good to just be for your feet!

Are There Any Benefits of Jelly Pedicure?

There are plenty of “jelly pedicure” products on the market at the moment, each claiming to do different things. Gel-Ohh!’s pedicure packets [link:]  boast the ability to soothe “tired and sore feet giving a deep cleanse of the skin” in 5 different color-coordinated aromatherapy scents. Others promise an end to dryness and cracking on your soles.

Whilst you can use these options at home, most people seem to use nail salons for their jelly pedi treatments. These also make claims about the benefits of the treatment, such as K Spa in London, [] whose page states that soaking your feet in warm jelly rather than water quadruples the benefits to your muscles.

Other pages claim that it softens skin and makes it glow because of the natural oils used. It can also scrape away dead skin cells. Not to mention the mental benefits of steeping your feet in warm jelly and experience the sensory satisfaction of playing with the texture.

Jelly Pedi Risks- Are They Safe?

There’s been little research that proves the benefits of jelly pedis, and next to none about possible risks. Of course, it all depends on the product you use and the ingredients in it.

For example, the Gel-Ohh! products mentioned earlier contain sodium polyacrylate, which if inhaled can irritate the airways. This can lead to potential lung problems if exposed to it in the long-term.

In addition, there are a lot of unregulated products on Amazon and Temu which do not disclose their ingredients. These could also pose a risk to safety, so make sure to buy from trusted sites and salons.

So, Would You Try A Jelly Pedi?

Are you going to be googling if a salon near you offers a jelly pedi? Or are you going to try one at home? Either way, enjoy the fun color and texture as your feet get smooth and moisturized!

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