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‘The Rosemary Oil’ TikTok Trend: Can it Actually Promote Hair Growth?

Is this trend worth the hype?

Photo of woman with long brown hair next to photo of rosemary essential oil bottle with rosemary plant cuttings.
Credit: puhhha/ Shutterstock, Dani Vincek/ Shutterstock

Every so often, a new beauty trend takes over social media. The latest buzz is all about using rosemary oil for hair growth. TikTok users have been sharing videos of their impressive hair transformations, which they attribute to using rosemary oil.

But before you rush out to buy a bottle, you may wonder if there is any truth behind these claims. Can this essential oil promote hair growth, or is it just another trend that will come and go?

Today, we will explore the science behind rosemary oil and its potential benefits for hair growth. We’ll also examine whether this TikTok trend is just hype or if there is merit to the claims. Let’s dive in.

1. What is Rosemary Oil?

Rosemary is a fragrant herb people have used for centuries in cooking and traditional medicine. Steam distillation extracts its essential oil from the leaves and flowering tops. The oil contains several medicinal compounds, including camphor, cineole, and rosmarinic acid.

Oil bottle on wooden table next to rosemary plant.
Oil jar, Credit: Halil ibrahim mescioglu/ Shutterstock

2. How Did This Trend Arise?

This trend for hair growth first gained traction on TikTok in early 2021, when users began posting videos of their hair transformations after using the oil. These videos showed impressive results, with users claiming that their hair had grown longer and thicker after using rosemary oil.

The trend quickly spread on the app, making it more popular now than ever, with many users sharing their experiences with rosemary oil and offering tips for how to use it for maximum effect. Some TikTok users even created “DIY hair growth” tutorials that featured this essential oil as a critical ingredient.

While it’s unclear who started the trend, it likely originated from the belief in traditional medicine that rosemary oil can stimulate hair growth. People have used it for centuries in various cultures for medicinal purposes, including as a natural remedy for hair loss.

3. The Science Behind Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

Surprisingly, there is much evidence behind the science of rosemary oil and hair growth. Research shows that this oil effectively treats alopecia, a type of hair loss that causes patchy baldness, by increasing hair growth in patients. 

Research also shows that rosemary oil can help hair grow thicker and faster. This is because it dilates your blood vessels to promote blood flow to your scalp. This increased blood flow helps nourish your hair follicles and promotes healthier hair.

Oil jar next to flowering plant.
You can make your rosemary oil at home! Credit: Esin Deniz/ Shutterstock

4. How to Use Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

If you’re interested in trying this remedy for hair growth, there are a few different ways to use it.

One standard method is to mix a few drops of rosemary oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil, and apply it to your scalp. You can massage the oil into your scalp and leave it on for at least 30 minutes before washing it out if you want to do a quick hair mask. However, leaving it on overnight would help for the best results.

Woman with long, shiny brown hair.
Woman with long, shiny hair. Credit: Kourdakova Alena/ Shutterstock

The Verdict

So, can this TikTok trend help promote hair growth? Well, research shows that it actually can! Rosemary oil can stimulate hair growth, increase hair thickness, and prevent hair loss. 

That said, rosemary oil is a promising natural hair growth remedy!

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