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74 Year Old Man Transforms Prison Van Into Holiday Home

This restoration project really takes the cake.

This restoration project really takes the cake.

Rather than build a small home from scratch, or pay a professional to renovate a more traditional structure, Worcestershire native Graham Skidmore transformed a former prison van to a summer bungalow.

At 74 years old, Skidmore decided to transform the van into a home for his wife, Sandra. The van itself was formerly used to transport prison inmates to and from court.  It set Skidmore back £250.  On top of that, the renovations cost another £500.  According to The Mirror, the professional quote for this project was £42,000.  By doing it himself, Skidmore saved over £41,000.

And the renovations themselves turned the van into a kind of conservatory.  With almost a whole side being taken up by floor to ceiling windows, this home is unrecognizable as a former prison van.  However, Skidmore kept a few features from the original van, like the original doors and the prison guard’s hatch that was used for communication.

Originally, Skidmore was looking to renovate a glasonite container.  However, when one of his friends showed him the van, Skidmore “bought it there and then”. The renovation process took a total of five months.  Skidmore stripped the whole thing down. Now, the home is fully furnished with what used to be one of his son’s patio doors, one of his son’s carpets, and garden furniture. 

It faces a beautiful view, and lets in enough sunlight to get nice and warm.  Skidmore even admitted that he’s “fallen asleep in there three times.

Featured Image via Marc Giddings/Triangle News.

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