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You Will Fall Down the Ultimate Internet Rabbit Hole With this Reddit Thred of Useful Websites

Reddit tired of the most under appreciated websites that will urge you to search outside of you regular box on the internet

Credit: 12Ft, My Noise, Every Noise, Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

Did you know that the World Wide Web is comprised of 1.88 billion websites? 

I know it only seems like the internet we all use everyday is just email, social media, some sort of food delivery and maybe the occasional amusement park. There are so many we sites out there that have not gotten the proper attention.

The r/AskReddit community was asked by Redditor u/Saulo Jr about unknown websites that they we people now more about. They graciously disclosed some more under appreciated gems of the web. 

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

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  • Terms of Service; Didn’t Read basically gives a summary of terms and rates the privacy.

Every Noise

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  • Every Noise is a site that has a wide variety of obscure music that you probably have not heard before.

12 FT Ladder

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  • ‘Show me a 10ft wall I’ll show you a 12ft ladder.’ 
    This site removes all ads from websites and bypasses all paywalls. 

My Noise

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‘I ADORE It’s an archive of customizable sound generators with everything from music, nature sounds, sound cancelling, ambiances, and meditative drones etc. I focus best with some kind of white noise, and this website has a ton to choose from and it is free. My favorite feature is the customizable, animated sliders so you can listen to storms that ebb and grow automatically. It is great for TTRPGs too. The sound engineer who runs it has put together all kinds of specific settings like churches, cities, forests, faires, dungeons, etc. Seriously, people should check it out’

u/OriginalHeartbreaker on Reddit

There are so many other websites that we are all yet to discover that are out there. These websites represent some of the unknown and under appreciated tools that anyone has access to on the World Wide Web.

Let us vow to step outside of a comfort zone and explore all that the internet has to offer.

Who knows, we might just love what we find.

Check out online forums: the dark and dangerous side of the internet.

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