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Trump Says Troops Will Open Fire At Immigrants If They ‘Throw Rocks’

Trump parallels rocks to firearms.

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Trump, Says Troops Will Open Fire On Migrants If They ‘Throw Rocks’, He Told The Army To “Consider A Rock A Rifle”

U.S troops could open fire at Central American Migrants trying to cross the American border if they throw rocks at soldiers, Donald Trump told journalists in an address from the White House Thursday 1st November:

I told them (troops) consider it (a rock) a rifle. When they throw rocks like they did at the Mexican military and police, I say consider it a rifle.”

While the ‘Migrant Caravan”, a group of 5000 Central Americans, is walking through Mexico currently towards the American border, the president reminded journalists that some of them had thrown rocks “viciously and violently” at Mexican police when crossing the border from Guatemala.

Donald Trump declared from the White House after announcing on the 30th October that the Pentagon will send more than 5000 troops to the border to stop the convoy.

A Pentagon spokesman told the Washington Examiner, Thursday Evening is would not speak to “hypothetical” situations that could occur when the caravans reach the U.S border.

“We will not discuss hypothetical situations or specific measures within our rules on the use of force, but our forces are trained professionals who always have the inherent right of self-defense,”

Just days before Tuesday’s midterm elections (GO VOTE), Donald Trump keeps announcing new measures to try and mobilise voters, mostly regarding immigration. “It is an invasion” he reiterated Thursday, announcing a new decree is in the works without giving more information.

He has also declared the  United States would issue blanket denials of asylum to large groups of immigrants, particularly those who do not come through to the country through the official ports of entry. Migrants arrested at the border will be placed in camps made of tents until they are deported:

“We’re putting up massive cities of tents,” he said. “The military is helping us incredibly well. … We have thousands of tents, we have a lot of tents, we have a lot of everything. We’re going to hold them right there, we’re not letting them into our country.”

For more on Trump and his ideals about nonarm rocks, check out the background info about him going up for re-elections.

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