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You Can Now Spend The Night Where Outkast Wrote Their Greatest Hits!

‘Hey ya!’ this looks fun!

Credit: Associated Press / YouTube

Yes, you read the title correctly – you can now spend the night where Outkast created some of their best songs thanks to Airbnb! Big Boi, one half of the now separated group/duo has made this opportunity available to Outkast fans to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of ATLiens, the duo’s second studio album released back in 1996.

Does this sound like something perfect for you? Check out the video below for a look into the legendary home!

Wow, what an awesome piece of history that you could sleepover at! The house is referred to as ‘The Dungeon’ and Big Boi is releasing 3 overnights that are available through Airbnb in late June and early July. The sweetest part of this deal? The price won’t run you an arm and a leg! Big Boi is granting a night to some lucky people for only $25! 

Well, it’s clear that this is a great opportunity that would allow you to make some awesome memories where Outkast made hits! What’s your favorite Outkast song? If you’re looking for a fun watch, check out this video of Big Boi showing us the 10 things he can’t live without. 

Here’s Big Boi giving a tour of his tattoos! 

What a fun concept – who wouldn’t want to stay in ‘The Dungeon’? The tickets for the home are available first-come first-serve, so get ready! To make good news better, the funds made from the Airbnb/Outkast collaboration will be donated to the Atlanta Public Schools Music Department to help support the next generations’ music stars! 

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