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The Bahamas’ Beautiful Blue Island Is Up For Sale!

I’m checking my bank balance as we speak.

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It can be yours for the low cost of $120 million, according to Sothebuy International Realty’s website.

Blue Island is located in The Exuma Cays, an area of the Bahamas which boasts pristine beaches and waters due to the small amount of people that live there.

Johnny Depp, Faith Hill and Richard Branson are a among the celebrities which own private islands within the area.

At 700 acres, Blue Island is the largest of all the private islands in the area, and with 3 miles of white sandy beaches, it’s hard to describe the place as anything other than paradise.

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As if the beaches themselves weren’t enough, the island is also home to a brand spanking new 5700 foot jet airstrip, the only one in the Caribbean. So you know, for all of you who have a private jet, it should be pretty easy to get there.

If you still aren’t quite sure whether to take the plunge and buy the island, it also features 4 miles of road, 15 miles of nature trails, and all the necessary basics like water, power and communications.

Not to mention the 5000 square foot house you will be staying in, which has it’s own helipad, swimming pool, boat dock, caretaker house and guest house.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to drop out of university, grab my dog and head over there if I’m honest.

If that has given you a strong case of wanderlust, check out Matt Kleiner’s travel highlights video.

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