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Viral Photo Shows An Overcrowded Mount Everest

People are lining up to climb one of the most challenging mountains and there little room for error.

Photo Credit: nimsdai/Project Possible, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Nirmal Purja Magar posted a picture on Instagram which shows a group of climbers waiting to go up Mount Everest. The post went viral shortly after.

The mountain is about 29,000 feet tall and sees hundreds of people attempt to make it to the top. Mount Everest has claimed the lives at least 11 people this season.

Mager, better known as Minsdai on instagram, posted this on his page.

Credit: Nimsdai

Around this season is the best time to hike up the mountain because the climate is less threatening. The lack of air and traffic are making it harder for climbers to make their accent up the mountain.

Nepal requires no strict qualifications to climb the mountain and therefore that allows everyone to take the risk. However, Nepal is currently looking into changing the rules because of these traffic jams and increasing death tolls.

Mount Everest

Nepal requires no strict qualifications to climb the mountain and therefore that allows everyone to take the risk.

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