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Iceland Trolls Mark Zuckerberg With ‘Meta’ Tourism Video

A tourism board in Iceland has made a parody of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta announcement, and the internet can’t handle it.

Credit: Inspired By Iceland/ Youtube

An Icelandic tourism body released a parody of Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Meta’ announcement video on Thursday.

The video takes a swipe at Zuckerberg’s video released in October to announce Facebook’s name change and plans to create a so-called ‘Metaverse’- a virtual reality Zuckerberg believes to be the future of the internet. 

Inspired By Iceland believes they have a better idea.

The Icelandic tourism board recently released a video parodying the now-infamous announcement.

In the video, Mark Mossbergsson, who bears a striking resemblance to the Facebook CEO, welcomes you to “this very natural setting” and talks about a “revolutionary new way to connect our world, without being super weird.”
“The Icelandverse,” clearly parodying the ‘Metaverse’ ambitions of Zuckerberg, is an “enhanced actual reality without silly-looking headsets,” or, as you may know, it, Iceland.

The video goes on to feature some of Iceland’s beautiful natural wonders, stating, “in this open-world experience, everything is real and has been for millions of years.”

It’s no exaggeration to say that the internet has taken aim at mark Zuckerberg a lot in recent years, with conspiracy circulating about the social media giant, which ranges from quirky and amusing to downright creepy- and the Icelanders play into this.

One such conspiracy that has gained traction in the past few years is the theory that Zuckerberg isn’t actually a human and is some type of extraterrestrial being.

The tourist board makes reference to this by parodying some photos taken of Zuckerberg in which his face is completely covered in sunscreen– and other viral memes which suggest Zuckerberg is unfamiliar with things which are essential to sustaining human life, which the video highlights through showing Mossbergssons fascination with “water, that’s wet!”

Mossbergsson then goes on to say that Iceland has other “humans to connect with”, before awkwardly turning to someone else to ask, “you’re human, right?” poking fun at Zuckerbergs perceived lack of awareness.

The video ends with Mossbergsson encouraging the viewer to visit Iceland “today, or tomorrow, or whenever. We are really easy going” and may leave you in a mood to see the rugged island nation for yourself.

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