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This is the Greatest Airplane Seat Ever

Anyone got a spare £7,000?

Credit: Casey Neistat/YouTube

Do you ever dread the long haul flight before your holiday can begin?

There’s never enough legroom, the price for a drink is ridiculous and there is always a baby crying.  However, the new Emirates First Class Suite will leave you wishing the flight was longer.

In this video we have YouTuber Casey Neistat experiencing the brand new first-class suite, which costs £7,000 a flight.  Once your eyes adjust to the outrageous Christmas wear Neistat has on, you get to see what £7,000 gets you as you almost forget your looking at a plane and more like a hotel. The cabin measures 40 square feet, has two TV’s two wardrobes and even a fridge.

You don’t have to worry about getting up if you need anything either, just video call one of the air hostesses through your TV and they’ll be on hand to help. Legroom on a plane is usually a problem for many people but you won’t find that on this one. Neistat shows how big it really is as he lies down and spreads himself out saying “You could fit a small family down here”.

Plane food has a bad reputation so Emirates have stepped it up here to, putting on a multiple course meal that looks like it’s come from a top restaurant.

Neistat can’t hide his excitement after he gets of the plane describing it as “all it cracked up to be. It was everything I ever wanted.”

Now does anyone have a spare £7,000?


Look at what Casey Neistat got up to in a previous video where he illegally wakeboarded in a tuxedo,

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