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Finnair, Weighing Passengers Pre-Flight To Fit More Paying Customers In

Weighed and chucked aboard like luggage.

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Aeroplanes have become somewhat of an everyday commodity. Individually we may not fly everyday yet 4.5 million passengers came through Gatwick airport in September alone.

The industry is enormous and those at the top are making a heck of a lot of money, yet they still want more.

Yes you can get cheap flights, if you don’t want any luggage that is, oh and don’t book a seat.

The further you get into the process of buying these ‘value’ tickets the more the price is racking up.

Then of course there was the doctor that was dragged off a plane earlier this year.

Now? Well now they want to weigh us before we get on the flight.

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Each plane can hold a certain amount of weight and when booking you are not asked how much you will dd to the plane, therefore the company has to put a rough cap on the number of people it lets on.

By weighing people as they are getting on however the airline is able to get more people on the flight as they have a better average of what the weight will be.

Finnair are the first airline to do this and I don’t know about you but I think I would object to being reminded about that last couple of pounds that I hadn’t managed to lose before my holiday.

I mean are we people, paying customers in fact, or luggage being thrown onto the plane and squished in so that more can get on behind us.

Travelling is stressful enough and no one wants a ruined holiday because you have a bad flight experience.

If the customers were thought more of people might actually be willing to pay more for their flight.

The mayhem doesn’t stop here look at what happened to this guy!

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