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The Ex-Machina House Is Real And It’s Here To Stay


Images: Knut Bry via Juvet Hotel

If you saw 2015’s Alex Garland Sci-fi thriller you already know the ins and outs of this place. Ex-Machina gave us a terrifying peek into the future of AI. And into the mind of a crazy person. Don’t worry no spoilers here (but go watch it).

The Juvet Hotel in Norway is one of a kind. A truly unique ‘landscape hotel’ as it has been dubbed. You can also stay in a range of different places from their landscape rooms as seen in the film, to a restored mountain cabin. There’s even a traditional spa room to relax in.

The website describes the project as an attempt to ‘create a hotel that would not intrude on nature’ and they have certainly achieved that goal. The designers have created each area so that guests have uninterrupted views of the scenery in every room. And who wouldn’t want to see this all day every day?

Although this place will be reminiscent of the film I highly doubt the technology will be present. As much as I want to have sliding doors that react to my hand print I don’t think that will be the case. But I’m definitely glad the robots aren’t part and parcel with the experience.

As we become a more and more urban society why not take a break from the city lights and head here? Norway’s natural beauty will overshadow any sinister feeling you might have staying here. On second thoughts maybe you shouldn’t go and watch the film…

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