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Would You Spend a Night in The World’s Creepiest Clown Motel?

Every clown hater’s worst nightmare is this creepy Clown Motel that is located next to a cemetery.


What has 2000 figurines and is located next to a cemetery? For the answer to this question, keep reading.

The Clown Motel can be found in the Nevada town of Tonopah with the most quiet neighbors. Hopefully.

There are more than 2000 figurines that are big, small, short and tall who are ready to haunt you in your sleep.

The CEO has even reported sounds coming from vacant rooms.

Hame Anand had this to say to Thrillist:

“This was how I knew that they were telling me, ‘we are here, but don’t worry about that.”

He reported hearing footsteps and knocking to make matter worse.

“I was scared a little bit.

I couldn’t sleep in my room. But one day I thought, ‘why did I come here? There must be some divine power. They want me here to run this motel. So probably, they are not going to mess with me.”

There are themed rooms that are inspired by great horror movies like Friday the 13th, It, Exorcist and Halloween. But rooms 108, 109, 210, 215, and 217 have the most paranormal activity. No pun intended.

Four women also reported seeing ghosts in their bathrooms offering to fix their toilets.

The motel is quite the sight to see driving down US-95 since there is nothing else to do out in the desert.

People have traveled from all over the world from places like France, Germany, Switzerland, England and Scotland to see just have scary the Clown Motel is. 

However, Hame does not understand why people consider the clowns to be ‘creepy’.

“The clown is the laughing character. It makes you laugh.

My grandmother used to say, ‘whenever you’re down, look at the clown’. I grew up with this line. That’s how I felt collecting the clowns. The clown is the laughing character. It makes you laugh.”


Check out the Frida Kahlo exhibit that set to open.

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