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Berlin Transport Company Sells New Hemp-Laced Tickets

BVG announce new marketing scheme to sell hemp oil lacked train and bus tickets.

Credit: YouTube / @Weil wir dich lieben

BVG, the leading public transport operator in Berlin is now selling edible ‘hemp’ train tickets to reduce anxiety levels for travelers. This development arrives in time for the lead-up to Christmas to help ease stress for commuters during the festive season – a clever marketing track if we do say so ourselves!

This recent marketing stint coincides with recent developments to legalize cannabis in Germany for recreational purposes. The ticket is completely edible and contains “no more than three drops” of hemp oil so you can “swallow all the Christmas stress along with the ticket”. 

Credit: YouTube / @Weil wir dich lieben

The advert is built upon the stereotypes that Berliners are particularly disgruntled around this time of the year. However, it applies a satirical approach to create the appropriate background to sell these tickets. With a comedic edge, the advert and the tickets have attracted attention and enormous amounts of reception. 

The response to the advert has been positive with comments underneath the video emphasizing how “cool” this new concept is, with one user adding: “Gingerbread won’t be the only thing getting baked this Christmas”. Clearly, this has provided a source of comedy for many people across social media. 

Whilst other marketing slogans have suggested the tickets are the new “really good stuff from the Berlin underground”, lacing the publicity with satirical drug scene undertones. 

“This way you can travel hassle-free around Berlin all day and then simply swallow your Christmas stress along with your ticket”. 

However, before you get concerned about the consequences of consuming these tickets, they will not cause passengers to get high as hemp oil is found in the seeds of the cannabis plant and the tickets do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD); two substances which cause people to get high. 

However, this marketing scheme is not without its backlash as people have commented that whilst the BVG have the money to contribute to this drive to advocate for the legalization of cannabis, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves if this means they have the funds to be able to make transport more accessible?

People have also highlighted the controversy surrounding the carelessness of traveling that these tickets will promote, following the recent developments in the outbreak of Omicron. Social media users are taking to platforms to ask if this is an inconsiderate publicity stunt from BVG as it promotes careless traveling. Additionally, considering people are still apprehensive to travel, does this disregard their concerns entirely? 

However, the advert is keen to highlight that these edible hemp oil tickets are only available from 13th to 17th December, for a limited period only, therefore we must identify that they have applied limitations to their marketing and are attempting to manage the potential consequences of these tickets. 

All in all, it is a scheme that combines social and political desires in the capital, integrating public entertainment with the drive to legalize cannabis in Germany for recreational purposes. 

For more news on how cannabis is being integrated into the festive season, check out this article which discusses how cannabis has been incorporated into the traditional Christmas Wreath. 

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