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This Chocolate Orange Themed Room is Perfect for the Holidays

A French resort is already in the holiday spirit with their Terry’s Chocolate Orange themed room.

Credit: Club Med

Ahh, Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. A French resort is already in the holiday spirit with their Terry’s Chocolate Orange themed room that overlooks their beautiful, snow-covered mountains. Perfect for the Yuletide season.

La Rosière is a ski resort located in Montvalezan, a southeastern region of France. It’s also known as “The Balcony of the Tarentaiseski” because of the 180-degree view of the French Alps. There’s a village that holds many events and where you can run into the best freelance skiers. The French resort also has a plethora of St Bernard’s who aid in the search for lost mountain travelers (imagine one of these good boys finding you deep in the French Alps? Best day ever.) Since these doggies have an important role, they became part of the symbol for the La Rosière.

The best months to ski in the French Alps is between December to April because of the large amount of snowfall from its cold continental climate. In the summer, the resort has a multi-activity pass called carte Activ’été that includes hiking, X-treme sledge, and paragliding. For the history buffs, La Rosière is also said to be the area where Hannibal crossed the Alps via elephants in 218 BC, an event from the Second Punic War. Honestly, the dogs are enough for me to book a room as this resort.

The magic doesn’t stop there because the resort has dedicated a room after the chocolate product, Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Terry’s Chocolate Orange was created in York, England up until 2018 where it is now produced in Strasbourg, France. The concept art of the room is quite vibrant with its orange walls, orange duvet and pillowcases, and orange edible ornaments on the Christmas tree. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like eating edible ornaments off of the tree. There are slices of chocolate oranges behind the bed and Christmas lights right above it to ensure you’re in the holiday spirit upon waking up. Taking it a step further, guess what the toilet paper smells like? Hint: you know the answer.

The resort will even offer specials on their menu that include Hot Chocolate Orange and different desserts. The Chocolate Orange room is advertised as, “Tuck into your own exclusive segment of skiing luxury in our VIP chocolate orange hotel room. Set in La Rosiere, one of our stunning ski resorts in France, the hotel room is a sumptuous taste of relaxation, letting you bite into treat after treat and truly enjoy a once in a lifetime slice of the skiing action. Perched 1,900 meters above sea level, our La Rosiere resort offers breathtaking 180° panoramic views across the snow-covered slopes. However, in this hotel room, it’ll be more than just your eyes’ appetite that’s satiated.”

La Rosière / Photo Credit:

Sadly, while we are ready for the Chocolate Orange room, the room isn’t quite ready for us since there are no openings for it just yet. However, you can sign up for the newsletter for any updates to the room so you can start your holiday planning. 

La Rosière is truly a magical resort with its breathtaking view of the French Alps, the St Bernard’s, and its whimsical Chocolate Orange room. Accommodations are truly getting more and more inventive, I mean, just check out this sidewalk “mansion” under an LA overpass. Well, until the Chocolate Orange room opens, happy holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone (yes I know it’s barely October leave me alone).

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