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The Actual Murdering Doll From ‘Squid Game’ Has Been Installed to Stop Jaywalkers

10-foot laser-eyed robot from ‘Squid Game’ is used to terrify jaywalkers in the Philippines.

10-foot 'Squid Game' replica robot set up in the Philippines to terrify jaywalkers
Credit: Twitter/ Netflix

10-foot laser-eyed robot from ‘Squid Game’ is used to terrify jaywalkers in the Philippines.

For their latest marketing stunt, Netflix has installed a replica of the terrifying animatronic robot “murdering doll” from their hit new show ‘Squid Game’. Located at the Robinsons Galleria mall in Quezon City, Philippines the robot was put in place to try and stop jaywalkers on the busy city streets.

Watch her in action below:

The doll originally appears in episode 1 of the show where contestants play the familiar kids’ game “red light, green light”. The game sounds simple enough; contestants stand still when the light turns red and move when the light turns green until they make it to the end of the course. The doll explains that players who move when the light turns red will be “eliminated”. However, the contestants quickly learn that this “elimination” means being shot and killed on sight.

Credit: YouTube/ Netflix

You can imagine the horror of pedestrians in the Philippines when they came face to face with a replica of the doll. However, the robot at the mall is not designed to cause any harm. The replica chants the eerie “Red light, green light 1 2 3” song from the show as people cross the road and detects motion when the lights at the crossing are red. If someone does try and walk when they aren’t supposed to, her head spins around and her eyes flash red at the culprit. 

Since the show premiered on September 17th it’s all anyone has been talking about. According to Netflix, Squid Game is set to become one of the platform’s most-watched series on record. It is said that the show is expected to be seen by more than 82 million subscribers worldwide in the first 28 days of its release.

Currently, Bridgerton holds the title of the platform’s most-watched series, with at least 82 million subscribers have watched at least one episode of the period drama within the first month of its release. However, it looks like it’s going to be knocked off the top spot!

If you just can’t get enough of ‘Squid Game’ and want to read more about the thrilling K-drama click here!

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