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Teenagers in the UK are Trying to Get High From Burning Garbage Bins

So this is what we’ve come to.

So this is what we've come to.

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Have you ever tried to get high from dried up banana skins as a teenager?

Unfortunately, that didn’t really work. However, the latest teen trend is much more dangerous than smoking up with banana peels.

Nowadays, teens in the United Kingdom have been setting fire to wheelie bins to get high without using actual drugs. However, the dyes used in the manufacturing of the bins can make inhaling acrid smoke a toxic activity.

Nevertheless, teens insist on believing that burning plastic can create fumes that will get the user high.

Mark Hall, from the waste firm, said the most popular areas are Wolverhampton, Hull, Glasgow and Swindon.

“(The reports consist of) idiots stealing wheeled bins from outside homes and businesses, taking them to waste ground or parks, and torching them for whatever kicks they can derive,” he said.

Hall added some of the reports could just be arson. However, police officers acknowledge that some kids are doing it for weird drug-related kicks.

“Our people are sick of having to scrape melted plastic from pavements and parks, and our clients hate the inconvenience of having their bins stolen,” Hall said.

Negative effects

“The so-called “addicts” often use the contents of the bin to start the fire, and that means the risk from explosion or toxic fumes,” Hall said.

“The only thing you get from bin-sniffing is a headache, melted soles on your trainers from standing too close, and all your clothes smelling like a camp fire,” he added.

However, repeated inhalation can lead to smoke inhalation injuries and carbon monoxide poisoning.

I’m not really sure if there are any benefits at all to this idea. No one gets high, waste management officials get mad, and a bunch of wheelie bins need to be replaced.

It sounds like millennials need to come up with smarter ways to get high. For instance, watch this dog get high after eating bags of heroin at daycare.

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