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Why Is Nancy Reagan The ‘Throat Goat’?

It’s happened again. Social media has taken over with its typical Twitter facade to revamp the world of politics.

Picryl / The U.S. National Archives

It’s happened again. Social media has taken over with its typical Twitter facade to revamp the world of politics. This time the feud is all about former First Lady Nancy Reagan and Madonna, the popstar. 

At a very unexpected turn of events, this all happened on the 9 of December at about 5pm on an unexpecting evening when Ben Shapiro’s (very) Conservative sister posted a comparison image of Madonna, the Queen of Pop, and former First Lady Nancy Reagan. 

In the tweet, Abigail Shapiro shared on her twitter account @Classically Abby an image of 63 year old Madonna sprawled backwards on a bed with a pair of black tights and a very…minimal… bra on, letting one of her boobs hang out free. The other image posted is of 64 year old former First Lady Nancy Reagan standing in line alongside her family, all very much dressed in comparison. Alongside these images, @Classically Abby compares the two as “Trashy Living vs Classic Living” and poses a daringly open question to the public: “Which version of yourself do you want to be?”

Abigail Shapiro is known online on Youtube and various social media as an advocate for more ‘covered up’ women’s clothing, and delivering a more traditional lifestyle – she terms it, “classical”. However, Abigail’s snarky tweet did not go as well as she possibly hoped. People on Twitter have been raging about this kind of slander in the name of the Queen of Pop, who,  is  objectively looking great for age. Abigail has a reputation for body-shaming, and shaming people’s expressions of sexuality and confidence, having previously made remarks about how women should not wear leggings any more as it is distracting for me, and how women should ask their husbands for congratulations on how well they clean the home…very old school stuff, let’s say. 

So, this time, when she came after Madonna, using Nancy Reagan as a comparison, the people did not have it. Even if it is okay to be whoever you want to be, and dress however you want to, and express yourself however you want to, Abigail did not do much research this time round. Nancy Reagan was a former actress, and actually achieved a bit of a reputation for her behavior behind the screen. In an unpublished biography from 1992, the Washington Babylon revealed a quote that Mrs Reagan “was renowned in Hollywood for performing oral sex…not only in the evening but in offices. That was one of the reasons that she was very popular on the MGM lot.” 

Funny that. 

Another source from the biography mentions that Nancy took quite a few road trips around Arizona with her friends, and was renowned for “entertaining the boys orally” on those long trips. Another article from The Village Voice outright mentions that sweet Nancy “was known to give the best blowjob in town.”

Flickr / GPA Photo Archive

By all means, this is no slut shaming. It only goes to show that no matter how one presents themselves, or if they dress ‘traditionally’ or as Abby puts it ‘classically’, sex is a normal part of life and everyone is free to partake and practice and be good at it.

Christ, there must be a reason why Twitter is claiming Nancy got “that gluck gluck 3000”.  

It must be noted that these stories have not been officially verified as of these recent events, but the internet took the opoprtunity to have some fun regardless. Read below what creative tweets people have come up with:

Although any form of sex shaming is deeply reprobational and should not be endorsed, part of the fuel that has brought about this Twitter meme-dream is because of the irony of these stories compared to Reagan’s former contributions to sex-negativity in America, representing both the political campaigns of the White House for the War on Drugs and the War on Porn. During the women’s liberation movement, Reagan has also been quoted calling them “silly women’s libbers”, hated that they were “hot pants” and that their appearances were not ‘feminine’ enough, therefore they would be unsuccessful. Nancy very heavily enforced the rhetoric that gender inequality would cease to be if women remained at home, and are best services to society as home-makers. It’s a shame, really, because I think she really could have gone far as an actress considering her trajectory.  

In other White House related news, see here how Joe Biden is intending to remedy the relationship with the LBTQ+ community. 

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