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Sprinkle Sprinkle: Entering Your Feminine Energy

If you’re looking for a provider and a man who is all about you, then it might be time to enter your feminine era.

woman entering her feminine energy
Illustration by Kaitlin Morton

Have you ever dated a person who never planned any dates or activities, insisted on going 50/50 on dates, and didn’t treat you like the prize you are? So have a number of other people who have yet to enter their feminine energy.

TikTok and other social media platforms have been the bearers of this subject. Women are using their platforms to discuss the topic of wanting to be with a provider-type of man.

Along with the uprising in alpha-male podcasts, women decided to change the narrative these men present and make it beneficial for all women. There are a number of users who have dedicated their platforms to strictly teaching women their true worth.

The ‘Sprinkle Sprinkle’ trend

There has been a significant uprising in the term ‘Sprinkle Sprinkle.’ But you may be wondering where the term originated from. The “Sprinkle Sprinkle Lady,” also known as “SheRaSeven1,” has gained a lot of traction on TikTok.

She started off by expressing her thoughts about relationships and what’s the men’s role versus what’s the woman’s role on YouTube. People noticed her videos and began sharing them all over social media.

She speaks on how to meet financially stable men, how to understand men on a deeper level, how to find men who will allow you to live a soft lifestyle, and how to maintain your feminine energy.

Her goal is to help women find men with a certain kind of mindset. The mindset they’re aiming for is his money is her money, and her money is her money.

Shera has a signature line she says after she responds to questions her fans ask. She will typically add “sprinkle sprinkle” once she finishes her response.

She makes comedic and jaw-dropping statements, then drops a quick “sprinkle sprinkle” at the end of it.

Men want to be chased? Call the police on them. Sprinkle sprinkle.


Her unique approach to giving women advice has made her have many eyes on her and many ears listening to her words.

Not only have her wise words of advice made a number of women gain a sense of confidence, but it has stirred the pot of controversy with men.

The content inspiration

Her influential advice has inspired many other people to come up with content similar to her own. The term ‘sprinkle sprinkle’ has been adopted by many individuals who agree with Shera’s perspective.

Shera Seven is seemingly saying what many women were thinking. At this point, the rise in alpha-male podcasts has taken over the internet.

Her perspective is a refreshing alternative to the testosterone-engulfed alpha-male standpoint.

Men want to critique women on their looks, morals, and dreams, but find it threatening when women do the same. Women like Shera are using their platforms to give advice to other women and help them gain perspective on life.

There is a particular creator who is on the same level as Shera. Lize Dzjabrailova, also known as @thewizardliz on YouTube and TikTok, has adopted a similar way of thinking as Shera, and it has swept the internet.

You can create heaven for yourself. Why are you in hell with him? You don’t belong there baby.

Lize Dzjabrailova (@thewizardliz)

Her words of wisdom have intrigued many people all over social media. Lize’s thought-provoking counseling resonates with a number of people. They aim to help women enter their feminine energy.

Shera and Lize’s videos have taken over many conversations all over TikTok. Women everywhere are constantly seeking their words and what kind of advice they’ll give next.

Shera and Lize’s opinions and thoughts have become a mindset that people want to adopt and follow. They help women become strong-willed and confident in themselves.

Contrastingly to alpha-male podcasts that bring women down and minimize their existence, these two ladies’ platforms boost and inflate women as the prize that men should seek.

TikTok users love Shera and Lize’s content so much that they are making comedic videos that emphasize their love for these women.

Typically people who follow Shera and Lize end up doing the opposite of their words, like message a man first, or contact an ex, realize what they did and bounce back quickly.

In addition, their content has made women gain clarity on their romantic situations.

As women are constantly confused by men’s actions or are unsure of how to react in certain situations, they help women with these issues.

Controversial viewpoints

As the ‘sprinkle sprinkle’ movement holds many controversial opinions, people have found things they don’t like about it. Specifically, a creator on TikTok, Jalen Noble, has been the subject of conversation on this topic.

Jalen joined a podcast and spoke on his personal opinion about the ‘sprinkle sprinkle’ movement, and people were not pleased by his words.

Regarding the movement, he is not too pleased with it.

Jalen does not agree with men being the sole provider in a relationship. He believes that it is a partnership. In other words, he seems to prefer going 50/50 in relationships. To each their own, but he received a lot of backlash on TikTok for his statement.

Monet McMichael, another influencer on TikTok and Jalen’s current girlfriend, has also received some backlash for what Jalen said on the podcast.

Under many of her posts, many comments revolve around Jalen and his words. People made many jokes about her being the man in the relationship, and paying for everything.

The ‘sprinkle sprinkle’ movement has engulfed so many people’s minds that when stumbling upon a different relationship dynamic, it is suddenly crucified. If the relationship works for the people involved, then that is all that matters.

Living a soft life

If you are someone who is looking to gain more feminine energy, and maybe even live a soft life, then following Shera and Lize’s words of advice is ideal.

Additionally, Shera’s content is ideal for removing yourself from the relationship and moving on to something better.

From what has been gathered, to live a soft life and to enter your feminine era is to attract the provider-type of man. Some words of advice would be to forget about chasing a man. If a man is meant to be with you, he will make his way to you.

man buying woman things and she is in her feminine energy.
Credit: Shutterstock/DimaBerlin

Dressing for men is out of the question. Men will be attracted to all types of women, so it’s important to be the woman you want to be. Once you become the person you want, you will attract the kind of men that are right for you.

A final piece of advice is to never let anyone think you’re asking for too much. If it is something you feel strongly about, then it is just the right amount for you.

If you want to up your game and become an ‘it girl’ before entering your feminine energy, then read this article.

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