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How to Have the Ultimate”It Girl” Summer

Follow this list step by step and you’ll be having the time of your life!

Illustration by John Creed

“It Girl,” a phrase describing the best of the best is taking over this summer. The term “It Girl” is known as being successful, beautiful and confident.

Everyone wants to have the “It Girl” summer and here’s how you can.

Follow this list step by step and you’ll be having the time of your life.

1. Glow up!

Feeling your best and looking your best is the first way to become the It Girl.”

TikTok and Instagram are the perfect place for trending skincare and makeup tips to be the best version of yourself. This does not need to be expensive, grab your friends and start the search for a cute bargain! Glowing up and becoming the “It Girl” is not all about looks, it’s about how you feel, as long as you have the “It Girl” confidence you’ll be glowing.

Another idea is trying a new hairstyle, taking the big chop or getting a new color this summer. A bold color or style is the perfect way to try out a new version of yourself.

2. Staycation/holiday

Credit: Shutterstock/Ulza

The chance to get away and grab some piece of mind and time to reflect is the perfect way to become an inner “It Girl.”

Everyone knows mental health and self positivity is the ultimate way to be the best version of yourself. You could take a “baecation” or a trip with your girlfriends and it doesn’t need to be expensive or far away.

Start searching for your next break, which could be a cabin in the woods, a hut near the beach or a countryside getaway.

You don’t need to break the bank either, stock the cupboards up with your favourite snacks and search for some affordable and adorable days out. Grab your camera and start documenting your “It Girl” memories.

3. Brainpower

There’s nothing an “It Girl” doesn’t have and that includes knowledge. Just because school or university is over doesn’t mean your brain needs to go to sleep.

Try reading a chapter of a book a day and soon you’ll be on #booktok and obsessing over the characters.

If this doesn’t take your fancy why not try learning something new? The world is full of great beginner courses from cookery to yoga you can find to take a break from the screens and give your mind a glow up.

4. Family time

Everyone knows in your teenage and young adult era spending time with your parents and family is not always the perfect idea of fun.

However, having a positive family circle around you is the ultimate way to have the “It Girl” glow.

Look at your favourite influencers and celebrities and take a page from their book, family is at the core.

Treat your mum to a coffee or your brother for a walk outside. Show your family your interests and you’ll be having the perfect summer.

5. Style

Credit: Shutterstock/hxdbzxy

Are you keeping up to date with the hottest trends? Are skinny jeans in or out right now? All the best “It Girls” like Alix Earle and Nessa Barrett embrace their inner style and it adds to their overall look.

Whether you follow what’s trending or try out your own style, give a new look a go. Pinterest is the perfect way to find a new style, start searching for what vibe you want to give and your screen will be filled with hot suggestions.

Thrift shops are another fab way to try a new style while also having a fun time. Grab your friend group and build an outfit for each other, this could get ugly but you could also find an affordable outfit you love. Make sure you make space in your wardrobe too and give back your old and used clothes to charity.

6. Manifest

Manifestation is all the rage right now with more and more people finding positive outcomes through manifesting.

Manifesting is to turn something into reality by believing and through intention. Some people manifest good grades, clear skin and a boyfriend.

Not all people believe in manifestation and some trust it with their entire hearts. Why not give it a go? Manifest the “It Girl” summer and what you want. Reach out for those good hair days and inner confidence and maybe you’ll get lucky.

7. Get outside

With entertaining apps like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat it is hard to force yourself off the screen and enjoy the moment. But staying behind your phone all summer long is not very “It Girl.”

Not every day is a sunny day, so when it is seize the moment and get outside.

Head to the beach or take a run in the countryside, anything to get out of the house. Even if it is not sunny and perfect outside you can still have a good day without the internet, go dancing in the rain or grab some friends and wrap up warm and go to a local cafe.

8. Exercise

Credit: Shutterstock/ fizkes

Health and fitness are not everyone’s idea of a fun time, but it doesn’t need to be painful or boring.

Make a gym buddy and follow a program and you’ll start liking exercise in no time. If the gym isn’t your scene, try some dance or HIT videos on YouTube to get up and moving.

Any movement is good movement

9. Tan, tan, tan!!

Everyone knows every “It Girl” is golden and glorious.

Not everyone can get a natural tan, so luckily there are plenty of life hacks.

TikTok shop sells so many tanning face drops perfect to give you that extra boost of colour.

Try out Garner’s new gradual tanning moisturiser if fake tan isn’t what you’re looking for, this product slowly gives you a natural tan over a few days.

10. BE YOU!

Being an “It Girl” can be fun and a confidence boost, but just be yourself. Use these tips and ideas to work on becoming the best version of yourself and having a great summer.

Be yourself and you’ll be the perfect “It Girl.”

If you need more ideas check out this article for how to have the best hot girl summer.

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Hiya! My name is Tasha, I am a journalism student at Bournemouth University. I love everything fashion and art and take a big pride in writing on these topics.

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