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Gordon Ramsay Slating People’s Meals On Twitter Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of 2017 So Far

These are gold.

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Gordon Ramsay has taken to Twitter to voice his options on the numerous poor to basic meals being sent to him via photos. And it’s pretty much the funniest thing ever.

Apparently ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ wasn’t enough, and Ramsay needed to extend his aggressive insults to the world of social media. However, we aren’t complaining. It’s funny on TV and it’s funny on Twitter too.

Another reason the whole thing has to be taken fairly light-heartedly is the nature of the meals which people are sending. They are, to put it kindly, generally not the best. A large proportion of them are just students trolling anyway, but Ramsay’s responses are just priceless (notice how the only positive feedback he gives are to people using his cookbook…)

Anyway, here are a few of our personal favourites.

Ramsay pointing out who the basic b*tches are.


Absolute savage. Also, am I the only one who thinks Breakfast A actually looks pretty good?


Poor Kitty. Looks like she gave it her best shot. No pleasing some people.


Didn’t realise this was suddenly an ART competition, Ramsay!


Fair enough. This one’s pretty stupid.

Gordon Ramsay has been attacking people’s cooking skills all weekend. If you want to see the many more examples, his Twitter is full of them. Makes you wonder, does this guy do anything else with his time other than criticise people’s food? If you’re not perfected in the art of cooking, I wouldn’t go seeking Ramsay’s advice anytime soon, side effects may include psychological damage and extreme public humiliation…

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