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Seth Rogen Reveals How He Met Kanye West

It goes exactly how you’d expect.

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Seth Rogen met Kanye West once and… it went about how you’d expect.

So, Seth Rogen, beloved comedic actor, has a few interesting tales to tell. One of those stories involve a certain controversial figure – rapper Kanye West. For years, many haven’t been able to decide one thing. Is West a mad genius, or just a douchebag? (Or both?)

Los Angeles in particular is known for it’s thriving celebrity scene. I’ve never been there, but I guarantee meeting celebrities is a fairly common occurrence. However, could this be the most ambitious crossover event we’ve been waiting for?

The Rolling Stone recently released a video on their YouTube channel detailing this event. Seth Rogen has quite a few interesting “first time” tidbits. But his meeting with West is probably the best part. Apparently, Seth Rogen collided with West in an… odd yet weirdly not-surprising-at-all way. Just watch the video below to witness Rogen recounting the strangeness:

Yeah. Turning up at Seth Rogen’s house to ask him to play basketball. That’s kind of exactly what I expected. It’s pretty on-brand for the rapper. They still see each other periodically and Rogen seems to like him. Notwithstanding some of the batshit things he’s said.

For more Kanye West hilarity, here he is, causing controversy as always. This time over something pretty stupid.

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