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Meet Dragonman: The Most Armed Man in America

Why don’t we see who has the biggest toys?

Why don't we see who has the biggest toys?

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Mel Bernstein, also known as Dragonman, has got to be the most armed man in America. His collection ranges from napalm bombs to machine guns and shotguns.

To comprehend the baffling lengths that Bernstein has gone to, you really must watch the short documentary on him. I’m no military expert but even I can understand the amount of money Bernstein has poured into his ‘hobby.’ In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the man would put an arms dealer to shame. His rifle range, weapons store and military museum in Colorado Springs could easily be mistaken for a large military base. There’s even armed vehicles sitting around the place.

One thing that caught my eye is the dragon motorcycle, complete with mounted machine guns. It projects a playful image: green flames that lick the rims of the wheels, a head that curls over the top of the rider, white bone-like exhaust pipes. Bernstein resonates strongly with a child in a candy store. What worries me is the message that he’s sending to the American public. He compares his military mannequins to the figures from Night at The Museum, and in doing so tries to dissuade the general public from viewing these weapons as dangerous. Ah yes…I forgot to mention the real flames coming out of the dragon’s mouth on the bike.

Bernstein seems to be preparing for the next apocalypse and that’s fine. As long as he doesn’t subvert the intended functions of his weapons, and that is to deal out death and destruction.

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