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Martin Shkreli Gets Dog Sh*t Thrown In His Face!

Someone had finally had enough of this douchebag.

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While throwing faeces in someones face isn’t the nicest thing to admit to. We all have that one person, who we wouldn’t feel sorry for if it was to happen…

I bet that most of you have Martin Shkreli is in at least 50% of you (our readers) list. I know he’s one of the people top of my throwing faeces at list.

Wait, Shkreli isn’t on your list? Don’t know who he is? You may look at this face and think, poor Lizzie McGuire’s little brother. I made that mistake too, but he’s much more cunning that little Matt McGuire.



I didn’t know his actual name or face till now either. Nonetheless, he’s the guy who had the bright idea of blasting the price of the cancer drug up from $13.50 to $750…PER BILL. So, bring on the faeces. Shkreli was at University of California doing a talk for his fans? I can’t quite believe he has enough of a following to be booked for something like that. I’m hoping that all the so called fans were protestors in disguise simply there to tell him he’s a massive idiot. But then again, Trump is the next president of the united states so humanity can’t surprise me anymore.

Watch the video below and live vicariously through the lucky chap who got a chance to do this.


Thanks for reading! We hope this article was enough to satisfy your faeces throwing urges. Next week, Trump and a bottle of piss. If you liked this, prepare to be even more surprised at humanity and check out this article.

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