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Luxury Company Looking For ‘Five-Star Bed Tester’ To Stay At 5-Star Hotels

Earn £1,000 in cash, £500 towards travel expenses.

CREDIT: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

A luxury hotel company is currently searching for a ‘five-star bed tester’ to “spend the night in some of the country’s best hotels, reporting back on how our linen is experienced by guests in these exclusive settings.” As described by the listing, it’s literally a dream job.

There are three responsibilities the perfect applicant is expected to uphold:

  • Dozing
  • Snoozing
  • Snuggling

Sounds intense! If you think you have what it takes, take a look at the job listing, fill out some info about yourself, and hope for the best.

In order to be eligible for consideration, applicants must be at least 16-years-old and a UK citizen. Applicants have until December 10th to apply and, if selected, are expected to start next year after travel restrictions have been lifted with the hopeful decline of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Before applying, make sure to read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ to know exactly what you’re getting into. Although a job such as this may seem like a dream at first glance, you may miss something that would make an otherwise high-paying luxury job miserable.

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CREDIT: 6719005/Pixabay

If you are lucky enough to be selected, you will receive five free five-star hotel stays for two people for one night. The hotels are as follows:

  • The Savoy, London.
  • The Artist Residence, Brighton
  • Grantley Hall, Ripon
  • Plus further hotels to be announced
  • The prize also includes £500 in cash to contribute towards travel expenses for the winner. The winner is responsible for making their own travel arrangements
  • The prize also includes £1000 in cash
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CREDIT: stokpic/Pixabay

Additionally, expectations of the ‘winner’ are as follows:

The winner will be asked to take part in PR activity following each of their stays. This will take the form of submitting imagery and content for blog posts about their stays on the Tielle Love Luxury website. The winner will be given a form to fill in ahead of each stay, which they will fill in and ‘review’ the stay. This will also involve a quick phone call with a Tielle Love Luxury representative at the end of each stay. A blog post will then be drafted on the winners’ behalf which will be uploaded to the website on the winner’s approval.

Remember, if you wish to apply, it must be by December 10th and you must be a UK citizen that is at least 16-years-old. Best of luck to those who apply!

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