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Italian Bookstore Owners Offers Free Literature To Local Youth

In exchange for turning off their phone, adolescences may leave with a book–free of charge.


On average, people check their phones 80 times per day, but none more than children and teenagers who average more than 9 hours per day on their phones.

In addition to separation anxiety and attention issues, so much time on phones has also derailed much of today’s youth from spending time offline and preventing them from burying their head in a book instead of Instagram. An Italian bookstore owner is now doing what he can to rectify that.

The shopkeep, Sabino Scianatico, now dotes a sign on his store that says:

“The first students who enter the Barium library will be able to get the book of their choice. The only commitment is to read it by turning off your phone for one hour a day.”

Pexels/Filipe Sabino

Since being initiated, Sabino’s store has been overflowing with young students and children alike. Sabino states that “This is a challenge worth taking up. Smartphones destroy culture.”

While the argument whether smartphones destroy culture can be saved for another day, there is no doubt that almost everyone with a smartphone can benefit from setting the device down for a few more hours a day–and EVERYONE can benefit from picking up a good book.

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