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WATCH: Vegetarians Reactions to Eating Meat for the First Time in Years

Let’s eat meat not veggies!

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What would you do to bet in a You Tube video? If you are vegetarian, for whatever reason, would you eat a bunch of meat? Remember you have no idea what meat you will end up eating. Also, usually if you do not eat meat for years your body may not be able to keep it down. So is it worth it? The answer these three vegetarians was yes!

Yes the video was made to see their reactions and some of them are pretty surprising. Honestly, some of them are annoying as well, because they are complaining about eating it. Well what did you expect? I have video for you to enjoy or not. Check it out:

It is kind of dumb for them to act like they haven’t eaten meat before. I mean come on you haven’t been a vegetarian all your life. And one the girls looked like she didn’t know how to use a knife, which I know you need to use often when chopping vegetables. I love how the red-head loved the chicken wings. That was great. Although, the attitude on the girl who didn’t like chicken, was horrible. Who doesn’t like chicken? All the throwing up was very understandable though, their taste buds and bodies not being used to it.

For some more interesting food news, here’s an article on a Lego Burger!

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