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WATCH: Seth Rogen Samples “Secret” Fast-Food Burgers

Which burger comes out on top?

(Featured Image via: Wikimedia Commons/Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

If I had to choose one celebrity that I’d like to have a burger with, I’d go with Tom Hanks—but Seth Rogen is probably in my top five.

Of course, I’ll probably never have burgers with Tom Hanks, or Seth Rogen. It’s a real tragedy.

Thankfully, the First We Feast YouTube channel has me covered; for Rogen, at least: the Neighbors star recently appeared on “The Burger Show,” alongside the host, chef Alvin Cailan.

The two tasted a few “secret menu” items from three of the more prestigious fast-food joints: In-N-Out, Shake Shack, and Five Guys.

Check out the video below:

It’s pretty cool that Cailan and Rogen go way back, though their reminiscing is giving me a hankering for a bacon, egg, and cheese.

As for the burger debate itself, I really shouldn’t weigh in. I’ve never even been to a Shake Shack or an In-N-Out (heretical, I know).

I’ve had Five Guys here and there, and overall it’s pretty good. Even so, it can get rather expensive, and sometimes, I’m not sure it’s worth it. Then again, I might have to shell out the extra dough for that grilled-cheese burger; it looks quite formidable.

For more, here’s the rest of the First We Feast channel. Rogen previously appeared on “Hot Ones” with his Preacher co-star Dominic Cooper.

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