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WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Gets Called Out On His Own Show For Making Crap Pad Thai

The clip Gordon doesn’t want you to see…

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There is absolutely no one who deserves a larger helping of culinary criticism more than master chef Gordon Ramsay does. Who can forget “Hell’s Kitchen” wherein he tortured a multitude of helplessly panicked chefs episode after episode? We definitely can’t not acknowledge his current viral-on-social-media status for his slew of countless tweets mercilessly destroying twitter user’s home-cooked meals.

Simply put, Gordon can be a real d*ck.

That’s why I’m shocked to find this glorious hidden gem from 2009 just now. After all the anguish I’ve seen Gordon put people through, how have I not seen him getting absolutely b*tched by Blue Elephant head chef, Chef Chang??

Wow Gordon, not sweet, sour, nor salty. You completely f*cked up that dish. Kinda makes you feel like… like..

See the source image

An idiot sandwich Gordon. Well done.

I can still read through these Gordon mean tweets all day though. 

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