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Watch: Action Bronson On The Hunt For The Best Coffee In New York

Coffee is not just your pick-me-up in the morning, there’s a science to it.

Credit: Action Bronson/YouTube

Coffee; for many people, it is the go-to drink in the morning to help us get ready for the day. Thanks to Starbucks, it has also become our go-to any time of the day. But for a more true coffee experience, high-end coffee establishments spend years finding the perfect beans and blends to make unique coffee experiences. Action Bronson is taking viewers on a coffee journey to learn more about coffee, how it’s made, and what makes this drink so irresistible.

Bronson starts by going to a small deli/grocery store and ends by going to one of the premier coffee places where they mix beans with other beans to make their own blends. And what goes better with coffee than a nice pastry? Possibly another pastry? Those almond croissants with the ultra flaky dough are hard to not be envious of, especially since you can’t reach through your screen to get one…or was that just me?

Credit: Action Bronson/YouTube
Credit: Action Bronson/YouTube

Cupping is the coffee wine-tasting technique. It is interesting seeing all of the coffee grounds, presumably where more of the flavor would be, sinks to the bottom and they are drinking off the top, looking more watery and not very flavorful. There must be plenty of flavors at the top to get the taste of all the different notes from the beans. The beans give off their own flavors from the soils of the regions they are from. One thing not mentioned though was how much the second and third places cost to get a cup of coffee or some beans if you can even buy them to take home. With all of the time and care they take to craft unique coffees, it’s probably fairly expensive. Maybe more of an indulgence than an everyday purchase.

Need to find a way to cut back on your spending on your daily coffee? Read here to learn how.

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