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TikTok Chef Starts Trend Involving Cooking Chicken in Sink With Hot Water

TikTok never fails to surprise.

Credit: succhefful / TikTok

Raw chicken is extremely dangerous. I don’t think this is a controversial statement. So let’s talk about the TikTok chef who’s been serving up some unorthodox cooking methodology in their videos.

TikTok seems to be riding high on a streak of questionable behaviours, and this is no exception.

TikTok user @succhefful, as part of a series of questionable culinary videos, boasts their famous “sink chicken”- guaranteed to turn out a dangerous medium-rare every time.


If you haven’t tried a sink chicken you haven’t lived. Pretty much guaranteed perfect medium rare every time #chicken #salmonella #tiktokfood #fyp

♬ original sound – succhefful

Clearly, the user is joking, even tagging the post with an all-too-real “#salmonella”. However, some viewers were still left uncertain. Selected comments read:

“Joke right?”

– @menintherigging

“hmmm no thanks 😳”

– @billlef

“Please tell me this is a joke”

– @denycelawton

“I’m calling the food police right now 😂😂”

– @tommysingcoach

Obviously trying to cook chicken with sink water is not something anyone should ever do for a number of reasons. Aside from definitely not providing the heat needed to fully cook your chicken through, the sink stream will generate droplets carrying raw chicken matter and spread them all over your sinktop.

Plus, it’s just gross. 

That being said, if you’re in the mood to cringe some more, @succhefful‘s page is a gold mine of this sort of content. From raw mince shot glasses to beans in milk, I’ve never felt such a range of discomfort. 

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